Has any one else experienced this?

hi all i am 5/6 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been spotting since Tuesday 11/6 it started as light pink and so I went to my gp and had an early internal scan that showed the pregnancy was ok and the bleed had almost stopped. But that night the bleeding changed and got a little heavier which I was told to be expected due to having an internal scan. this lasted two days and seemed to stop for almost a day but when I went to bed last night I noticed I was losing dark red blood again and to make me panic more my symptoms seemed to have died down and I feel them much less than I did to start with. I have phoned my epu but they told me I have to wait til thursday and if the bleed hasnt stopped to give them a ring again so my question is Has any one else experienced this and gone full term? As im worried im having another miscarriage. :(

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I experienced this a number of times in the early weeks, sometimes quite heavy dark blood, I was the same as you panicking every time I see a bit of blood thinking it was going to be another miscarriage. Thankfully it wasn't and it was all to do with my babies getting all implanted and comfy in my womb :).

Easy for me to say but try to relax, I had next to no symptoms this pregnancy in the early days and am pregnant with twins so loads of docs asking whether I had worse symptoms which made me panic even more!! Keep on at the epau, but they normally won't see you again for ten days, a bit of a nightmare. I am now 28 weeks and can't wait for babies, feels like I have had the longest ever pregnancy!!!

Take care, xx


Hi hun. Poor you worrying :-( it could be absolutly nothing, these babies like to worry us. Hopefully the bleeding will stop and all will be well. Keep us updated and wishing you well :-) take care and try to relax, stress isn't good for you or your baby xx


Yes, I also experienced a slight "spotting" with this pregnancy in the early stages. It wasnt enough to fill the pad or anything but it didn't stop me worrying about it every day.

Im now 19+ wks & all seems to be fine but I still keep it in the back of my mind. Its definetely easier said than done, but try not too worry too much & keep an eye on it, Hopefully all will be fine (like myself)



Thanks girls. here is my update I have had another scan and got to see baby and his/her heartbeat. The sonographer had a look round to see if she could find where the source of the bleed is happening and couldnt see any where it could be coming from and informed me that it wasnt affecting baby at all so is nothing to worry about. As happy as I am at this I will still have that little bit of worry with me untill my 12 week scan.


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