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Not in need of any answers today, as doubt I'll be on for a few days at least. Hoping anyone due has everything go well and everyone else is feeling good.

having to rush off to cumbria this morning, my brothers in intensive care after having taken seizures last night. Never taken them before and the doctors at the minute can't find the cause! 'But not to worrry they're breathing for him so he's ok' ... since when is that comforting????

My only concern is I'm having to cancel my own appointments for medication I'm running seriously short of. Midwife says should be able to get emergency appointment there so with luck it will all be fine. Last thing my mum needs is to be worrying about both of us! Anyway going to finish packing and go get the train. Good lujck to anyone due this week x

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Aww hun what a rubbish thing to be dealing with! I really hope things can be sorted for yr medication and things improve wwith yr brother and docs find cause. Best wwishes to you and yr family xx


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