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I just felt Baby Dolmio properly kick for ther first time!!!

EEEK!!! What a weird feeling... It was so noticable it made me jump!!

I am so overwhemed right now!! :)

I'm 19 weeks!

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Ah it is great isn't it, you will be waiting now for the baby to start moving about more.

Can't beat the feeling of them moving and knowing all is well :-) xx

ahhhh lucky u, how amazing! im 18 wk +3 and ive felt nothing at all!!!!

Lay on your side with your belly slanted on the bed... but before drink a glass of cold water! Lay silently and you will feel it but you have to concentrate... :)

I can't wait to feel it :) I felt something earlier that felt like bubbles but it was prob my imagination.

Aww fantastic, I'm 18+4weeks and get loads of bubbles which I can actually feel bubbling up my side if I put my hand on it! So Armywag it's not your imagination x

Congratulations! Told you the cold drink would work!! :-D xx

You sure did Sara!! It's so exciting now and more real!!

Excellent!! It's such an amazing feeling.

I've never really felt the bubbles just faint kicking.

I'm 19 weeks too and my husband felt the baby for the first time this week :0)

Here's to lots of tummy tickles!


its amazing isn't it. I am 28+3 and now get full on kicks in the ribs and sometimes have to get up and walk around as it is very uncomfortable at times. I didn't feel much movement till 22 weeks but now it doesn't stop. I can now rest my drink on my belly but have to be careful incase he dislikes it and kicks and it goes everywhere lol xx

on Friday my cousin had me lying on the couch with the TV romote on my belly, he didnt manage to kick it off but he gave it a good go and the TV remote was jumping around then she had her hands on my belly at the sides where i said i could feel something and she said he was moving under her hand, going to do the remote thing on a video to send to his daddy i think as he feels hes missing out abit being away in the Army

x x x

Ah made up for you Hun. How did it go with the in laws ? X

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