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well I'm am pleased I have reached 36 weeks with no problems only 4 more to go :-) well that's what I was thinking till last night when I started with what seemed to be early labour pains as this is going to be my fourth child one can say I'm pretty clued up on most things inc braxton hicks but boy they were sore a brief reminder on what's to come I think I panicked abit as I realize I'm not that prepared yet I don't know if its because I've gone with this pregnancy in fear of something happening so have not become too excited or if just everyday life and having other kids including a 2yr old to look after is keeping me too busy to think too much about the soon to be arrival we are looking forward to him coming but it still seems surreal I only packed my bag the other day and its still not fully done! One thing in this (last) pregnancy that I have not experienced in the others apart from the lack of being organized is the clicking noise he sometimes makes when he moves and as if on cue he has just done it, its def not me I know I click habit knees hips lol but this is def him will mention it at my next appointment but I'm not too concerned but has anyone else heard this??

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Strange maybe he is hitting your bone or something or its a popping sound but sounds like a click? No harm in getting it checked...and not long for you to meet little man! I panicked when I thought my daughter was coming at 32 weeks! Felt so sorry for my first born that it wouldn't be me and her anymore its a bit of a shock and I'm never sure I've got enough in my bag! But am so excited to get there xxx


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