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Growing to quickly!

Hi guys,

Im on my 8th week now, and ive started to feel more sick. This morning i just managed to et a peice of toast before work. It was a struggle to wake up and i have so little energy. I try and eat healthy but nothing appeals to me!

Anywho back to what i wanted to ask! My boobs are growing quite quickly and my bras are starting to feel a little tight and im spilling out almost! How do i kno what size bras to get for now, as im only 8 weeks and 2 days! Also aswell ive noticed my belly has started to become hard and a little bigger, is this normal for how far i am?

Midwifes appointment is on te 2nd and i just cant wait to see her so i can at least get things checked out and ask questions!


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My boobs have been growing since I was about 4 weeks, I did already had a couple of bras with a larger cup so I was able to get away without buying any until I was about 12 weeks and even then it was a strain). This only lasted for a few weeks before I had to also go up a back size so I succumbed to getting measured. I've now got a couple of non wire but I am still wearing underwire for most of the time (i'm 17+4) as I need the support. So far I've gone from 32d to 34f.

If you can, go and get professionally measured each time you need a new bra. There are a lot of cheaper bras out there and as long as they fit and give you good support, there is no point in spending 20 odd quid on a bra you are only going to be wearing for a few weeks at best.


Hi, try not to worry, lots of people have experienced what you've described, myself included. I can really empathise with your sickness, it's far from nice. I rapidly found that the healthiest foods (salad and veg) were not tolerated at all and hydration is really important too - as a rule of thumb eat and drink what you are comfortable with, small amounts regularly, for the time being and in time it will improve and you can start eat a more balanced diet.

With regard to your body there is so much going on, with hormones flying all over the place you're bound to notice physical changes. A switch to non wired or sports bra for the time being would make you more comfortable. Cup usually goes up at least one size but can be more overall. As your shape continues to change get measured or fitted in store as good support is important, M&S and mothercare are a couple of stores that offer fitting services. As for tummy changes, I found I couldn't tolerate tightness so I was out of my jeans by 10 weeks, now loving maxi and empire line dresses. Note down any questions for your midwife so you don't forget (another pregnancy side effect). All the best :)


Hey, I have gone up a cup size in bras. My tummy didn't go hard until I was about 19 weeks. Do you think you might be further along that what you are or do you defo know your dates?


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