Poor Baby - I think I scared him/her

Went to the cinema to see Man of Steel - not a bad film but perhaps not so good for my 25 week baby. At the first sudden loud sound the poor thing jumped so hard that I jumped knocking my daughter's popcorn flying! Baby continued to react to some loud sounds later on but luckily not as violently as the first time. Wondering if my baby will be born a nervous wreck, or alternatively immune to loud sounds?

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  • My first born little boy is now six I had a similar reaction whilst pregnant with him when standing near my dads petrol lawn mower when they start up they are so loud, I remember him jumping in my tummy, along with every time I hoovered up. He's scared of these sounds now anything loud and jumpy he can't stand, formula 1 racing had to put ear plugs on him as well as the sound blocker earphones poor boy. I'm sure he will grow out ot it but I'm sure it linked to that lawn mower startling him :-(

  • I had the same experience with the same film hahahaha I think they just react to the sounds rather than them being scared... I am 23 weeks lol and she moved loads whilst in the cinema..... But she seems fine :) I wouldn't worry about it.. I have read they urmmm "get used to noises" such as the Hoover and other loud house hold things because its "homely" xx

  • I totally understand I went to see fast 6 last night and baby jumped very strongly at the first engine oise and continued throughout the film at every gun shot poor sole Im 29weeks. Its good for u borns to be Involved around loud noise like television hoovering drilling etc... .means they are familiar with the sounds when there born also means you won't have to creap around them when they arrive they will be comforted hearing the usual sounds they did in the whom. I have never had a problem with .y daughter whos is 5 In September and never had to worry about hoovering or making a noise whilst she was sleeping. Xx dont worry baby will be fine although it's not nice thinking you have frightened them its just a new experience for baby thats all. My daughter loves the cinema now too. Xx

  • When I hear this I think how reassuring.... my parents are deaf so all my children have to have extra hearing tests... so I love waiting to feel them jump to noise so I know they can hear x

  • Good point. I have genetic hearing loss (apparently, though no one else in my family has any symptoms) and it is nice to know this little one is responding to sounds already.

  • I'm hoping mine will be immune to loud noises as my husband has a really deep, loud voice! :D

  • Glad my baby is not the only one and hopefully not too traumatised :-) He/she is having a right bouncing round session now!

  • I saw that film on Friday and my little man was exact same, I am 28 weeks. he will prob appreciate a bit of peace and quiet as I went to the cricket on thurs, cinema fri and Rihanna concert last night so hes probably deafened but he seemed to move a lot last night so hopefully he enjoyed Rihanna and david guetta but me and him are definitely going to appreciate a bit of quiet now and some early nights. x

  • Mine hated Star Trek. It was a proper drum solo for the whole film!

  • My baby has had the trailer n soundtrack blasted at him for this movie for months from his daddy lol he gets excited when he hears the theme so I have a feeling I'm growing a superman fan. My 1st was little that n she is fine with noise now n sleeps through everything still even though she's 6 now :) they say the more noise they hear before they're born the more immune to it they become. Don't no if that's true though

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