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Pain in the Bum ;-)

Hi - I’m currently 19+4 and for the past week have not been sleeping well.

I’m tossing and turning and waking in pain. The pain continues during most of my working day which feels like its in my bum cheeks/hips and down to my knees, sometimes slight numbness.

I can’t continue to be so tired and feeling grumpy :-(

What should I do?


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Take paracetomols and hopefully that will numb the pain enough for you to get some rest.



Im just behind you " as im 19wks" today & I feel exactly the same. If im not having to get up due to my bladder being trampled on i get a sharp pain in one side of my ribs (depending on what side im lying on)

What makes it all a Lil worse is the fact ive also got a 4yr old son who wants to do everything & anything & i just feel like i have no energy whatsoever.

Im hoping the pain will ease as the pregnancy develops, but i also have my scan appointment on Thursday so i'll be mentioning this to my midwife to hear her advise.

In the meantime i do now sleep with more pillows to try & support the strain.



Sounds Like sciatica is a proper pain in the arse! Rest And no heavy lifting hoovering etc I found shooting ona hot bean bag in my back helped and after a week of not even being able to walk up the school it eased...if u do too much it wont get better so u just have to take it as easy as possible x


Sitting not shooting!


i get this. its like a numb, burning sensation in my hips and legs. i cant lay on my sides for long as this happens. and i turn to other side where 20mins later the same happens. so i cant sleep much either. x


Yes - that is exactly what happens to me.

Lets hope it doesnt last for long!


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