Big Baby?! :-)


So I am now 36 weeks pregnant- I had to have GTT test last week because my bump has constantly been charting big, since 24 weeks. Got the result today and I do not have diabetes which is brill news. Bump is stil charting big though, I am 3cm above 90th percertile line on my growth chart today. That puts baby at about 7lb 15oz today, with 4 weeks left! Lol. Luckily my midwife also referred me to consultant, so have that nxt Tuesday- just to be on safe side- hoping I get another scan too!

Getting really excited now, as bubs was also head down and fully engaged today- so you never know they may be born a nice average weight, just a couple of weeks early!! I am ready to meet them whenever they want to come :-D

Good luck to everyone x x x x x

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Hiya hun Those graphs and charts and growth scans ,,, so many ladies on here have had and expecting big baby's and then they turn out to be 4lb 5lb 6lb I'd keep an open mind Hun I was told mine was small and expected to be 7lb to 8lb at full term I've less than two weeks to DD so ill let you know if they predicted right. :-) lucky you head down and engaged mines my third baby and its head down but not engaging. Doctor thinks baby will just make a surprise quick delivery ... Here's hoping . Good luck to you too not long now its very exciting so much I felt a little sick thinking about it too much lol... Have you started with vivid dreams yet ?


Worry not, my sister was told she would have a 7 lb baby only for it to be 11lbs, on the other hand my friend was told 7lbs and it was 4lbs and had third degree matter what size they are, I guess whatwill be will be, and the midwives know whhat to do. Not long now, good luck!


Hopefully Baby will come soon do they think ur carrying alot of water? Hope it comes sooner rather than later x


Will they induce you after your next scan if they are concerened?

I had my first son at 36w and he was 7lbs 14oz and my 2nd was 2 days early at 8lbs 15oz, I have got a scan at 36w and if the baby is measuring around 4kg I have got to have a C-section as my pelvis isn't wide enough to push a big baby out.


Hey, not really worried about it :-) My midwife doesn't think it is excess fluid- she thinks just a 'healthy baby'. And when we attended antenatal classes the midwife informed us that they don't tend to induce early for just 'big' babies. Unless there is an issue. I am hoping bubs comes earlier rather than later though!!!! Lol


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