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Emotional Breakdown at 23 weeks 5 days

I have having a really stressful few days at work aswell as trying to hold down a second job, my partner is in the army he tries to come home every weekend but he wont be home this weekend, infact hes not going to be home for quite a few weekends now and i didnt know this last time i saw him so i now feel like i didnt make the most of the time i had with him last, things get really strained in the week when he is away but i feel like its going to be 10 times worst being away from each other alot longer, it gets to me that he seems to be coping fine with the distance and seperation but im not coping well at all.

Also i havent really felt my little boy move much in the past few days and that is starting to worry me.

Its all come to a head and now ive been sat at my desk in tears for the past half an hour, i dont have many friends i still live at home and my mum is lovely but she has so much on her plate at the moment i dont want to worry her with anything else. She also says that i knew the situation but now i just dont feel like i can cope.

Last time i spoke to my boyfriend about it he told his mum who wanted to see me about it, but i feel to her i am a bit of an inconvenience as he planned to join the army before he met me and with them being very career minded the only thing that stops him enjoying his job and getting on with it is worrying about me.

I love the fact that im pregnant and going to have a little boy but its days like today i dont know how to do anything or what i need to do to pick myself up

sorry for going on

x x x

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Im sending you big hugs hun xXx


Pregnancy is such an emotional roller coaster. Your partner is probably coping better with the separation because he isn't dealing with the hormones you have! Sometimes the slightest thing makes me cry and I have the full time support of a very patient husband. Try to plan something to look forward to on the weekend that you are seeing him next and keep yourself busy doing nice baby prep things on the weekends he is away. As far as baby moving less, if you are worried then get that checked. It'll help reassure you and may result in a bonus scan. Be kind to yourself xxx


i wish i could say i know how your feeling. but i cant. Being pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster as it is. and not having your partner there to help you all the time is difficult. Ive gone through my pregnancy alone but i manage to cope with everything by myself anyway (fiercely independant) ;)

your baby will move but maybe as your stressed and emotional about not seeing your partner you just havent picked up on the movements. soon you wont miss them though. at 29 weeks he has a habit of ramming his feet under my ribs and staying there (what every i try to get them out).

i also dont have friends around me. i only have my mum and sister. then my brother who is more of an outcast of the family and only i speak to him. so it is hard. i break down some days. its not your fault. its your hormones hunny ;) you cant help it. and its good to let it out. dont keep it in. xx


Thankyou ladies

lots of on off crying today my manager looked at me and was like erm what do you want me to do? bless him

im trying my best but dreading the weekend without him, like i said my mums there but as mean as it sounds shes not him

welling up again now but thankyou all for your nice comments

x x x


Orh flossy1688 (hugs). We are at such an emotional time in pregnancy don't worry too much about crying in work let it out and move on up. Your man is doing a great job in the army and I'm sure he dosnt like being away as much as you. Only men can hide things better than us. The only thing keeping him going is thinking of you and carrying his beautiful baby boy. Can fully understand relationship with mum is practical and emotional with your partner, but she's and eye and a shoulder if ever you need that's why mums are great. With regards to feeling baby still baby is. Quite small and may be in a different position. Few more weeks and I assure you there will be no rest when he's kicking away at night too. :-) xxx


I know how you are feeling; I haven't seen my husband since 10 March and won't see him until his R&R in September and then that will be for less than 2 weeks (as the 2 weeks includes travelling) following which he goes back to Afghan for another month or so!

I really missed him being here for all the appointments. My mum came with me for my 12 week scan and my sister is coming to the 20 week scan in a couple of weeks - nice to have your family but it's not the same :(. My husband and I want to know the sex but I want him to know before anyone else so I will get the sonographer to write it down so my sis doesn't find out before him.

It's very very hard being apart from them but they have no choice in the matter as well you know. We are married unaccompanied so I don't usually see him that regularly when he isn't on tour. He is due to retire next May after what will be 24 years service so there is light at the end of the tunnel for us.

Sending you lots of hugs xx


Awww flossy, big hug + deep breath, any concerns u have with ur baby, don't stress, phone the dau, speak 2 a midwife + get checked out, that is what they're there for, they would rather have you phone or go in than sit at home worrying.

The partner in the army, I can totally understand, luckily my bloke has been here for my appointments so far, but he's gotta go away to Canada for 2 months on the 11th August, I'm due for an induction on the 16th September so looks like I'm doing another labour and delivery on my tod!! I knew he was in the army when we got together, I'm proud he is, but there are times being an army wag sucks + everyone needs a rant, so just go on and have a rant, your in a hard, lonely and emotional situation if people don't understand that that's their issue! And just remember your man has his job to do but if he had a choice of being anywhere in the world it would be with you and your bump giving you a cuddle and telling you everything will be alright! Xx


Thankyou, i tried to keep busy over the weekend and i think that helped but all ur nice comments are making me well up again (but in a nice way) i am so proud of him just miss him like crazy

x x x


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