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Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh oh and my partner is distant!

Hi, this is new to me but I've got to do something as I'm going out of my mind!

I am 34 wks now. This baby wasn't planned. Me and my partner are both older and my partner really didn't want this, but I couldn't have an abortion and thought our 6 yr old boy would love it- and he does, he can't wait to have a brother or sister.

The big problem is, my partner is getting further and further away from me, physically and emotionally. I feel totally on my own. Uve told him how he makes me feel but nothing changes. I've 6 wks left and feel like leaving. I'm so fed up and lonely :o(

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Oh Bless you men can be such a holes... things are not great in my home either... Could u not soak to him again ask him What's going on in his head and try and get him to open up and get to the bottom of it. ..I how he sorts himself out for u for when arrives xx


That Was supposed to say hope x


And speak bloody predictive text!


Inboxed you xx


Reading your blog is like reading my story! Like you our youngest son (four weeks now) was nit planned and my husband made it clear he didn't want baby and wasn't interested. It reallybroke my heart but once he held him in his arms they instantly bonded and thankfully its stayed that way. I really hope once yr baby is born yr husband gets over himself and starts thinking about his lovely healthy family. Good luck hun xx


I fell pregnant after 2 miscarriages (now 39+2) and my partner thought we had been through enough and was not happy initially.. after every scan he seemed more and more happy, however our relationship has went on the back burner since I found out. We sleep in separate rooms, I now sleep in my 6 year old daughters room with her. Pregnancy has been a very difficult thing, it brings some couples together and comes between others, I to am just hoping when baby comes things will go back to normal.. hope you and your partner can sort things out xxx


Ah Juju10 feel bad for you. Cant imagine how hurt you must feel. You have got to get this sorted before the baby comes as your hormones are going to be raging when the baby is here and very emotional so you defo need his support, you need to look after yourself and your baby and don't need extra worries to contend with after the birth.

If I was you, I would just give him an ultimatum help you or ship out BUT it is not my life so you need to do what you think is best.


Hi everyone,

Thankyou for all your comments. Well I arranged a time to speak to my partner again and basically asked him what the problems were and if he couldn't accept us having this baby then I would do it on my own. I said I needed support, not extra stress and if he wasn't going to provide that, then is leave.

We talked a lot and sorted out the problems. He doesn't want to lose us and has been a lot better since, which is great. I'm hoping once the baby is here, he will love it and things will be better still.

It just seems like men are like children themselves and can be so selfish! Let's hope things don't revert backwards!

I hope everyone's relationships get sorted and work out for the best.

Many thanks Xxx


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