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20 Week Scan Placenta and FL

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I had my 20 week scan today. First everyting is normal so I am happy. And it is a baby boy. Sonographer did not mention but I saw the report and the placenta is anterior. What does it mean is it normal? And FL is 30.67 for 19+5 week is it also normal?

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Congratulations not sure what they mean thou sorry xx


Glad everything is well, and lovely news to hear you're having a boy. I've got my 20week scan in 10 days and I'm super excited (and super nervous!)

Anterior placenta means it's at the front. It's perfectly fine to be there, just might have meant you felt baby moving a bit later than others with posterior position.

I think FL stands for fetal length? Not sure though, so will wait for someone with more knowledge to comment!


Thank you. I started to feel the baby since 16 weeks :) Good luck with your scan as well..

FL stands for femur length mine was 26.3 at 20 weeks so just below the 5th centime which they class as average. Have had extra growth scans and femur has now caught up, I am only 4ft 11 so was told likely constitutional and going to be short like me. Had a presentation scan last week (37 weeks) and baby looking gresat and measuring within all the normal limits. Hope this helps but as yours was bigger than mine I would not be to concerned.

Thanks for the answer. is Presentation scan private? I also plan to go private but did not decide in which weeks should I go? One in 28 and one in 36 is OK? I want to be sure the due date as well. I mean the growth and due date, weight do they tell everything in the scan?

My midwife referred me for presentation scan as she thought bubba was breach, so had at my local hospital, the 20 week scan is where they take all your measurements and if anything looked smaller would normally have you back for growth scans. I would be reassured if they haven't ask you to come back that everything is measuring within what they class as average, as bubba gets bigger it gets harder to measure so paying private could be a waste of money although not for your own peace of mind if your concerned. Good luck with your pregnancy x

How the midwife can understans the baby is breach position? I do not think mine is able to understand this.

When you get to about 24 weeks, the midwife will start measuring your bump at appointments, they are expected to be a certain size at certain weeks and if your bump isn't in this range you may be referred for a scan to check the baby's size. And the position of the baby changes numerous times - again when you get closer to your delivery date the midwife will be able to feel how the baby is lying and if they are worried they may be breach they may again refer you for a scan. But this wouldnt be until towards the end of your pregnancy, like 37 weeks as baby can still change position. You should try not to worry, your midwife will know what she is doing and what you need, it is there job. I know the nhs system is different to the one you know but it works well enough and lord knows how many healthy babies are born every year! :-)

Sorry to question you, but if your placenta is on the front (belly button) then it is anterior?! Who told you this is posterior?

Posterior is when the placenta grows at the spine side on the uterus. Or that's how I understood it?

I agree though, nothing wrong with either one as long as it's middle or high :-)


Lol, egg on my face or what?? My sonographer told me I had a posterior placenta and when I asked what that meant she replied "it's at the front". She was Chinese though, so maybe that's why! Sorry folks x

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