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Can't sleep!!!

I've eventually got out of bed at five this morning, having tossed and turned most of the night. I've been like this for nearly a week and had originally put it down to the warmer weather. It's cooler now and I just can't seem to switch off. My head is full of all the things I need to get organised - nursery furniture, buggy, baby monitor etc, etc. I'm only 27 weeks and have bought nothing yet. Thankfully I only need to work a half day today!

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Orh well while they are on your mind get cracking and start organising. By the time you get to where I am at 38 weeks you won't want to do anything. I sorted mine out at 30 weeks felt such a relief and I was ready to do it at the stage. :-) as for sleep get what you can the bigger you get they more uncompfy you are less sleep and more toilet trips during the night. Pregnancy hey I absolutely love it :-) x


Snap! I to am 27 weeks, 1st baby and i got nothing, I am also in process of moving so feel like I want to hold off at the mo but now I know were we are moving to I can think about what we need (I just hope to complete by then of July when 33 weeks cause I am type of person that like organisation!). Babies don't want for much I figured; sleep, boob, clean bum, sleep suits and lots of love :) Of course you have the bigger buys but no need to panic about getting them.

My brain keeps thinking about the 'hospital bags' just in case something happens early and I think I'll research that this weekend.

You'll be fine,, I think we also go through weeks of getting sleep and then not so much, I am enjoying getting through the night without needing bathroom this week :)

Make a plan of when to do certain things so head not spinning and hope you get sone sleep, we have many sleepless nights to come xx


its not really the same thing but i take it on board now that i am pregnant, i suffer with depression but a lot better than i used to be but my councillor told me if you are lying awake its worst to just stay there and let your brain run wild, get up and do a little something to take ur mind off it and then when you start yawning get back in bed, i thought it sounded silly but it works and i still do it now im pregnant, my mum swears by it very often having conversations at 3am in the morning while shes doing some ironing for half an hour (im still at home)

x x x


Hi, I remember feeling exactly the same during my 1st pregnancy in 2008, I used to feel knackered waking up at all hours of the morning. I think the best thing to do is have a look at the many retailers on-line like "Amazon, ebay & kiddicare for some bargain buys. Its safe & simple & your things will be delivered to you in the next few days of you making payment "via debit / credit card"

As you also still working you may not feel like going shopping after work, or on your off days.

I'm 18+wks with my 2nd pregnancy now and I've already ordered some new feeding bottles, Reusable nappies and a new cot (as I couldn't find the screws for my last one) Haha



Thanks everyone for your kind messages. I've been so anxious about buying things for the baby too soon and jinxing This pregnancy. Now I feel ready but it's like I just can't do stuff fast enough! My poor husband doesn't know what on earth to do with me to keep me happy at the moment. The joys of pregnancy right enough! Xxx


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