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Hello ladies.i've got a question about claiming maternity situation is bit complicated.i have two jobs.first one is a part time (16hours) and i've been there for 5years now.i do 10hours at the other place but i've been there for nearly a year.i dont qualify to get SMP from both places as i didnt earn enough.i am little bit annoyed because i'd get more money but i've been signed off work since january due to the operation and other pregnancy problems so i only got statuory sick pay.i know i'll probably get maternity allowance but how they gonna resolve this?will they join my working hours and earnings from both jobs?is anyone in similar situation?i keep worrying now

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  • Maternity allowance is paid direct from DSS or whatever they are called these days. it is the same as SMP except you dont get 6 weeks at 90% of you earnings. From what I remember you just ring them and provide Mat B1 and last P 60 or even judt NI number from which they can verify you have been working. Good luck!

  • Cant post a link cos on phone but if you google mat allowance it explains your entitlement, you should be Ok, you have to have worked 26 out of last 66 and they look at average earnings over any 11 week period. Make sure you use the .gov site rather than any sponsored link.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'll ring them up today x

  • Most information about MA is still on the DWP website not yet moved to the gov.UK one (due to move later this year). Check out for all the info (the form to claim is available here too) or give JobCentrePlus a call. Have just been through all this to claim mine as self employed - everyone I spoke to was very helpful with all my questions :-)

  • Hi, I had a same problem...I wrote the letter to my employers, that tell me why they can't fill me the SMP and also i attached letter to the DWP that two of my employers why not fill me the SMP form...So whith some letters and my payslips I send the claim from to DWP. Luckily they approving my claim..

    I recomendid for You try to speak whit your emloyers, that write letter for you , why not can you get the SMP.

    But have an another SMP 1 form what also must fill up your emloyer, which is tell you why not get the SMP:

  • Thank you ladies for your replies.i've had a meeting today with my boss.its a shame after 5years working for them i'm not entitled.i would be but they checked my wages from april and may when i was on SSP so i didnt earn enough cos it was just silly money.otherwise if not my absence at work i would get paid.i'll ring job centre in the morning as lines are so busy now x

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