Crazy Pregnant Lady

At just 5 weeks and 3 days I've turned into an insane lady, example....

Happy, jokey mood all day until operation move desk was talked about at work, got insanely emotional, left work early came home got straight into bed, husband got in came to say hello and I burst out crying because.....I'm hungry or is it thirsty I just can't work out which one, he laughed which made me cry harder!

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Great Pregnancy hormones eh! it Does get better but will have relapses. ..I hate going thru the erollacoaster of hormones but does def get easier.. tmw is another day that's what I tell myself xx


WOW, At just 5wks / 3days i would have thought it very early to be getting so emotional, but every pregnancy is different. Do you have other " younger" children at home. Im 18+ wks with my 2nd child & have a 4yr old son. At times he may do something (which would usually not upset me) but recently ive found myself having to leave the room & have a Lil cry. I think it was also one of the many signs which let me know i was pregnant in the early stages too.

Dont beat yourself up about it, as for men they think its a walk in the park & we get to eat more "than usual"



It's my first :0). So I'm also feeling extremelly anxious and nervous about everything....please tell me that stops at some point?!!

I've even booked in for a private scan for when I'm 7 weeks - at this point I'd like to point out that I mocked my friend when she did this!!!! I kept telling her to chill out and relax......I totally get it now, there is no chilling out and relaxing when it comes to your baby!

Are you finding out the sex of your baby? Is this pregnancy different then the first?



O.k, your 1st pregnancy has also got its advantages like going to sleep when u want, & not having to conversate on a daily basis. Yes i will be finding out the gender at my 20wk scan next week "so im looking forward to that" this pregnancy is definetely different as i was sick as a dog with my son and he was also alot more active by this stage.

Dont worry your emotions & temper will have its good & bad days & will eventually stop :-)


Think After ur 20 week scan and feeling baby move u start to feel more reassured but u do still worry is precious cargo were carrying ur always worry about ur babies xx


Orh feel for you we have all been that weird emotional wreck early in pregnancy. It soon passes though I liked that he laughed and knows how to make you smile caring husband. Xx


I was just as bad! I once properly sobbed at the dinner table cause I bit my fork. Good news is that for me it came on at about 6 weeks ish & the worst of it seems yo have passed by the time I got to 12 weeks (I'm now 23 weeks).


i spent a whole day crying a few weeks ago and wasnt sure why, when the OH asked me what was up i actually couldnt give him and answer

x x x


I'm so glad i'm not the only one. I broke down this morning because I was asked if I would move desks!!! absolutely insane and so so embarrassing.


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