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pregnant help pleaseee???

Hi all forgive me i'm new here so i maybe a bit slow :)

Im currently late for AF nearly 3 months in fact. ive done pregnancy test and they are negative well i got 1 possitvie on a digital test and then a negative the next morning so i presumed it was a false positive and had a bleed a week later ..... anyway that was 2 months ago, they have all been negative since,

i know what ur thinking r? go see a doc right ?

well i did n he told me they dont do any tests or anything untill AF has been missing 6 months n to HPTtest every couple of weeks ...... im at a total loss has anyone got any advice or anything?

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What Sort of bleed was it a couple of months ago? Period Or light bleed? I'd go and see a different g.p and see if u get some better help. ..x


it was nothing really well not what im use to anyway im going to see a nurse tomorrow thanks xx


Firstly, I'd say look for a new GP...advice to wait 6 missed periods? Seriously? If you are pregnant, you'd be quite far along.

I'd also say visit a FPC or Walk-In centre and discuss your concerns....also are you using contraception? As this can obviously interfere with cycles,


hi pycxie thanks for your reply im going to see a nurse tom but if shes no use i will take your advice on bored ! i really wasnt impressed with him saying 6 months i need to make some changes to my life style if im pregnant !!

no, no contraception i had my implant out a year ago now and was totally in tract with my cycles x


I can't believe he said wait 6 months that's totally insane! If u are pregnant u would have missed all your early midwife appointments and scans!! I hope the nurse helps you more, good luck!


Did you find out?


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