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Am I actually pregnant?

Please help me! Myself and my partner have been trying for nearly two years for a baby. I missed my period in may and in April my period only lasted for a day, so I did a pregnancy test on the 31st of May and the result came back positive. Me and my partner decided to do another test the following morning and it was positive again. I can't believe it and keep doubting it all, could there be any way it's wrong and I'm not pregnant?? Please help as I'm losing my mind here!? X

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I don't think you can get a false positive so congratulations on your news :)


2 missed periods and 2 positive pregnancy tests is a fairly strong indication that you are pregnant! Congratulations :-)

It's just about impossible to get a false positive from a pregnancy test, they are so accurate that doctors don't usually confirm a pregnancy any more - they just take the tests word for it!

Next step is to register with a midwife and then start working on letting it sink in which may take some time!

Enjoy your pregnancy, it's a crazy, wonderful time :-) x


Thankyou, think I just needed to be reassured lol, I have my first appointment on the 19th of June and a hospital appointment in the morning xx


at least you stopped at 2, i had a sort out the other day keeping all the pregnancy stuff together and found 9 positive pregnancy tests and i know i lost a little strip one that was very faint so think i disgarded it

x x x


Congratulations, I think I put sainsurys pharmacy in profit, I tested every day for 2 months, after 6 years, I wouldnt/couldnt believe it! Congrats again!


Thanks everyone for answering really helped xx


your posts all made me laugh as I too did one a day for the first couple of weeks until it had sunk in!

congratulations, iggy! xx


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