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23 weeks today and still no movement !!!

Hi Ladies, I’m 23 weeks today and I still haven’t felt my little man move :( I have felt little flutters and maybe bubbles but I’m waiting for the kick in the ribs but haven’t felt it yet. Am I being to panicky and did anyone else feel movements later rather than earlier? I have 24 week midwife appointment next week so will discuss this with her but just thought I’d get your thoughts/experiences in the meantime. Thanks Ladies xxx

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Is this your 1st pregnancy ?

I thought it was quite amusing how you said your waiting for a kick in the ribs (sorry). Apart from the joy of knowing the baby is O.K its not very nice & can at times stop you in your tracks "when felt"

I wouldnt say you're panicing but try not too worry about it too much as most of the time it can depend on the position the baby is lying in

Do you know the gender of baby, or have you decided to wait.


Hey Charlotte, I am 21 weeks tomorrow with my 3rd and I hardly feel movements. I have felt the odd squirm first thing in the morning & that is it. I haven't felt anything for 2 days and I have been trying to do the usual drink cold drinks etc.

I had a meeting at the hospital and I told the trearge midwife that i had not felt any movements and I couldn't pick a heart beat up on my doppler and she took me into a room and found the heartbeat straight away. They said to me that they dont monitor babies movements until 26weeks due to the simple fact that they are so irregular before hand and dont want ladies to panick when they are not feeling anything.

You wont get a foot in the rib until quite late on 30+ weeks.


Hi Charlotte, as long as the baby is checked and OK don't worry too much. I never experienced the kick in the ribs that so many others do (and she's now a hyper-active 20 month old)!!


Thanks ladies, yes I'm sure i won't appreciate my ribs being kicked but as you have no more scans now its the next thing to look forward to :) I'm sure all is ok I've had fairly easy pregnancy so far so fingers crossed mudwife will have another listen to the heart beat next week.

It is my first so really not sure what to be feeling, and as I said its been easy so far so just the normal worries we have, thanks for the replies I'm sure when he does start beating my insides ill make it well known xxx


I really wouldn't worry, with my first I didn't really know what I was feeling until the late 20's and kept coming across people who could feel their baby at 16 weeks! It sounds like you're feeling something tho so that's really good. If your placenta is at the front u can't feel your baby as much either. If u r ever worried tho you should go to triage as that's what they are there for :-)


I'm 22 weeks today & getting a bout down with all the weekly emails going on about how you should be feeling movements when I've felt nothing at all yet, not even flutters :-( I did see on my 20-week scan report that I have an anterior placenta & read that this can make it more difficult to feel movement but am confused by being told that you should feel regular movements by 24 weeks & that it's important to notice changes in baby's routine. How do I do that if I can't feel anything?! I was at least reassured to see baby wiggling around a lot at the scan, but as Charlotte said, you don't have any more scans so this is next on the list of self-checks. Have never had the midwife listen for the heartbeat either. Like Charlotte, my pregnancy has gone really well so far & haven't suffered many symptoms at all, but it does mean it's hard to believe I actually am pregnant! I feel like feeling the baby move would help bring it all home & am getting impatient now!


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