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Baby names

finally got round to the all important name talk. After all a child can't be called baby their whole life right? It seems a boys names simple, my partners name has been in the family for atleast four generations that we know of so would be really cruel of me to break with tradition and its not exactly hard to live with. Will just make things more confusing. In a way I'm glad its so simple for a boys name when I heard suggestions for girls names!!!

I don't know if anyone else has a partner who enjoys gaming, but you only begin to realise and worry how much when he says 'Cortana is a nice name, no one else will have it' (she's a character in halo...) when i said no outright it seemed to set a trend. Now anything the other comes up with we don't like. Mostly because his names are game names, some of mine I went off after saying them a few times, but there was a couple that I thought worked really well. All will be fine if we have a boy, but as we havent found out the sex and dont want to know we need to decide a girls name too. Hopefully we can come up with something suitable soon.

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my other half is a gamer but not too bad, although my brother who's religion is Manchester United asked us if we would consider Robin/Robyn for either girl or boy after van percie, i think if he had been allowed his son would have been Roy (Keane) Ryan (Giggs) or Eric (Cantona).

My other half came up with some silly names, Kale (pretty sure thats a vegtable) or Eli (i could only think if Dingle) as i said he could choose a boy and i'd choose a girl although half a hour before the gender scan he told me he didnt like Ashlea which is what i wanted, good job we are having a boy then and we have decided on Ewan James

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God it is hard, we had a girls name both times when I went into labour but no boys names and I had 2 boys, so I just let him choose, with the final nod of approval from me of course.


Name choosing wasn't much fun in our house either although we struggled with boys not girls! My partner has got the most ridiculous taste in names - he seems to like Greek mythology a little too much so think yourself lucky with Cortana - I was fending off beauty's such as Ulyusses, Odysessys, Zod (seriously)!

He's an app developer so he wrote us our own app where we each rated a load of names and at the end it pulled together the ones we both rated highly - there was 1 result that we both gave 5/5 and that is our sons name! You could try each writing a list and seeing if any names crop up on both?

Fortunately we are now expecting a girl and he has much more reasonable taste! We have a short list and will argue out the winner once we've met her :-)

Good luck - I feel your pain! X


My husband wanted Connor McCloud, then someone told me its the lead character in Highlander.........


we are having a boy and my boyfriend is football mad and supporting Tottenham he was like lets call him gareth (after gareth bale) then the following week when lennon scored he was like lets call him aaron, I was like no as if these players leave then you will probably resent saying their names lol. we have decided on our name and there is no football relation to it just a different sport. x


So its not just me then. Thankyou for sharing. We still haven't agreed on a name, with a 50/50 chance of boy or girl I'm not to worried as long as we pick a name before the day. His plan is to ask his workmates for ideas.... I dread to think what might come out of that conversation lol.

Yes connor mccloud is highlander, and I'm fairly sure Zod is from superman x


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