12 week scan next week

After my mmc in January since finding out I was pregnant at 5 weeks this past 7 weeks had been the longest wait of my life. I have never felt more anxious and scared in my life. This time round it has been so different I have not had any cramping like I did or spotting or even sickness but I have had twinges and butterfly like feelings. I only hope these are all good feelings. My twin sister who was also pregnant had her 12 weeks scan Monday and sadly had a mc at 11 and half weeks this has only added to my stress and worry. I am trying so hard to not but any stress on my baby but the not knowing whether everything is Okey is killing me.

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  • Hello Lovely.

    it is so easy to say but try and calm down, stress is no good for you or the baby, saying that i was exactly the same as you, if you read my previous questions and blogs i was asking question after question, i was crying making myself feel poorly and id convinced myself there might be something wrong, when i found out i was pregnant i was over the moon but the last 3 pregnant people i knew all had miscarriages, that played heavy on my mind as 1 of them didnt know until the scan baby had stopped growing at 10 weeks, it isnt a great deal of comfort but my cousin said to me, there is no point in panicking what will be will be, worry about something when there is something to worry about, pregnancy is suppose to be an enjoyable time so for now enjoy the fact that you are pregnant.

    x x x

  • Thank you. I was the same and my sister we both found out at our first scans about our miscarriages I think that what is going make it so hard going on Monday I almost don't want to get my hopes up. My partners is really helping tryin to keep me positive so I will clear my mind and focus on the positive.

  • your Partner sounds a lot like mine, he said he knew things were going to be ok, and im now at 23 weeks with a little boy. take everyday at it comes and everyday as a triumph.

    think positive

    im sure all will be fine

    x x x

  • Is Horrible u want to be excited but are too scared I think all mums go through it... hope everything goes well on Monday. . Let us know how u get on. ..sorry to hear about ur sister x

  • Omg scan today went well today have one healthy baby :) I am over the moon xx

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