1st scan so happy!!!

So after my mc last year I was stressing about my first scan fearing that like last time I would have a sac but no baby, but happily I saw my beautiful baby moving a lot, his heartbeat, his brain, stomach and bladder I was just over the moon.With my first soon I was just 20 and the pregnancy was not wanted by the father so I didn't get the chance to enjoy this little moments, I just love my son but his pregnancy was stressful to me so know It's like I am living everything for the first time. Even my hubby who sometimes look not to be very excited hold my hand and was emotional. Took blood for the down screening I am not stressing just hope from now on everything goes ok cause I am so happy.


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4 Replies

  • Ahhhh congratulations glad everything went ok and your enjoying this pregnancy xx

  • Congrats :) so happy for you :) now try and relax and enjoy it.. xxx

  • What a lovely post to read :)

    BIG Congratulations xx

  • Ah what a lovely blog congratulations Hun xx

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