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Hello I wondered if anyone can give me some reassurance! I received my nuchal screening results as 1:153 and was told this was low risk - although the cut off

Point is 1:150! I contacted the screening helpline who told me

The neck measurement was 2.6 and that the hormone levels

In my blood were both equal and they prefer a rise and fall in results! She said as stand alone results they were all ok but still couldn't answer why my results were so high!!

Now I can't get it out of my mind..! I know it's still less than 1% chance but I still would have liked a 1:10000 result!! Anyone else had similar or can offer advice ??


I'm 34 and first pregnancy

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Hi there I have just been for an excellent private text called harmony. Brand new and gives you a definitive or near as damn it answer with no risk to the baby (unlike amniocentesis). It costs about 500-600 quid all in.

The lady there told me she's never seen a positive result unless it's something like 1:5 or 1:20.

I would recommend the test though, takes about 10-14 days to get results.



Why did u decide to have the test? Was it your score?


It was lower than yours overall because the nuchal fold was good and nasal bone present. but at 42 my age risk is very high, 1:38, and my bloods looked a bit wonky, risk was 1:30.



I know lots of doctors who have paid for the harmony test - interestingly it was in the press last week too. I contemplated it, but decided it wouldn't change my plan for this pregnancy though so thought I would use the money for nursery stuff!


I think I am going to have to look at is as less than 1% chance & look positive on my pregnancy! Otherwise I will go crazy!

I think though if

I was deemed a higher risk I would have opted for Harmony but think the chance is so slight I will just stay positive instead ( I hope) x


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