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19 week Iron Levels and Blood Tests


Hello, I wonder abour my iron, calcium levels. I have an app on monday with GP. I am not sure he will test the blood. I do not understand the system is there any blood test for the iron level or on which week? The midwife is terrible about taking blood.

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If you are feeling ok - or if you say you are feeling ok not too bad to your midwife than she would do your blood test on week 24-26 appointment. And be ready to get bruised because atleast none of my mid-wife was able to take proper blood samples from me.

Else you can call your GP surgery and ask them to arrange for a nurse in advance to take your blood samples and do the test - that should be possible. Although I would also suggest to make simultaneous calls to your mid-wife so that she supplies the right form to the nurse who is taking your sample and there is no mis-communication between them. Else you might just end up giving sample after sample !!

When can I get the results for blood tests? Because midwife took the blood at 9 weeks from me in the first app. However, they told the results at my 16 weeks app. So if I have something how can I learn? It is really weird. I do not know the midwife phone also. I went to a midwife and she was like an high school girl and does not know anything. I dont understand UK health system. I dont think this is a health system as well.

Yeah I think UK govt. is pretty easily fooling people on the name of NHS by showing them numbers and statistics from around the world.

It is really wiered system. I met my GP (the one on my files) only recently after having registered with NHS 22 months ago. My mid-wife started returning my calls, only when I complaint to mid-wife supervisor.

And i heard a lot of ladies write to their local MPs etc to schedule an extra scan appointment after 20th week scan (funny how they work). I just scheduled myself a private scan instead of writing and chasing an MP.

They also say on papers, that after 36 week if your baby is breech they discuss the c-section option with you. But in reality they dont do it, unless you go in labor.

mid-wife said that after you are in established labor they would take you in the maternity ward - but reality from some mothers are that despite having established labor they are returned home several times (I can even imagine myself giving birth on the stair-case in this country).

they are just funny people !


No news is good news.if they don't call u here about blood results it means everything is ok

My bloods were taken at booking appointment, then at 28 weeks my midwife phoned to tell me my results were all good. Things have changed since my last pregnancy don't seem to have as many this time!!

Well you just have to be happy with this system because that's all you will get lol. I don't like it a lot too, in my country is not so developed as here but I have an appointment with first the midwife to assess weight and blood pressure and then the GP and every appointment he checks the heartbeat. Here my midwife what she does I could do it myself, check blood pressure and weight she doesn't even hear the heartbeat sometimes I wonder what's the appointment for lol

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