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So, after ending up on maternity ward again last night with all day tightening and pain its been established that baby is currently breech and I am measuring 36 cm when I am only 32 weeks - midwife and registrar say I am carrying excess fluid as baby feels normal size for this stage- I have to have a scan on fri . They did not really explain what happens now though :0/


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  • I carried excessive Fluid and I started having contractions after a show at 32 weeks they told me if I was 34 weeks they would of let me have the baby but it was just a bit too early so they gave me drugs to stop them and steriods to mature baby's lungs just in case.. so can only give u my version. ..have they kept u in our sent u home? X

  • They sent me home as cervix still closed - they said baby was causing the pain as she moved and the fluid was causing the tightenings xx

  • I think I was measuring the same as u they kept asing me if I was sure I was 32 weeks! They thought I might have gestational diabetes but no....they called it poly hydramnous, they stopped contractions but I got taken in at 38 weeks, they will keep an extra eye on you...what made me laugh was they said I didn't have that much water and baby wasn't that big, but when they broke my waters at 39 weeks they couldn't believe how much there was and she was 9lb10! make sure you double check everything with ur consultant, all the best with e erything let me know how ur scan goes xx

  • Thanks hun - yes polyhadramnous is the term they used with me - will update after scan :0) xx

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