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awful awful awful

Had my 3rd midwife call out today to check bp, sample and swelling. Last night i had the worst headache and blurred vision so was sent straight to my maternity unit.

Blood taken, another sample and monitored blood pressure, baby heart beat and movements over an hour period! Felt ill the whole way but nothing compared to what was to come....

A woman.. screaming and crying :( trying to keep calm for my bp reading i tried to ignore her sobs and the midwife popped her head in smiled and closed the door. After 20 mins or so of agony listening to her the midwife came in and explained the woman had come in in an emergency and had some bad news, and the doctor would have to see her first. seeing me struggling, she sent me out to grab a coffee and a magazine until the woman had left.

Arrived back an hour later, no sign of the poor woman or family and was told baby was well, placenta is poor but im 39 weeks tomorrow so expected, bloods and sample clear. complete rest and ill need my bp checked every 2 days.. relieved to not be addmitted i ran back to my car and the minute i closed the door completely lost it :( could not stop crying, ppl must have thought id gone mad! Seeing and hearing her broke my heart, after 2 miscarriages myself i knew exactly how she was feeling and what was to come :( It broke my heart all over again.. so devastating for everyone :(

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That must of been awful. .. hope ur feeling a bit better today x


Thanks babymother it was awful :( so many memories brought back and because I wasn't feeling on top form it was all a bit much :( god love her.. xxx


Poor woman.

No wonder you had a melt down in the car. What did the hospital say about you? Are they going to induce you or monitor you until you go into labour?


Because my bloods came back clear, was able to go home. Have to get checked again tomorrow and Tuesday then iv my due date app next thurs so hopefully if baby hasn't made an appearance they might induce me. Blood pressure was high so been told to rest and take it easy, to be honest tho with what was going on I would have been surprised if my blood pressure wasn't high :( just made me want him in my arms safe and sound xxx


oh hun thats awful to hear. im sat here in the play gym with tears in my eyes that poor women and poor you being on your own. :-( how are you today has the swelling gone down ?not long now hun x


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