2nd Blood Test? Is there one?

Hi everyone,

I've been reading through the posts and a few people have mentioned a second (or sometimes third!!) blood test they've had after 20 weeks. I had one blood test in the beginning at approx 12 weeks to check for Sickle Cell and general STI nasties but nothing since and now i'm 29 weeks. Should I expect, or have had, another blood test? And if so, what for?

Thanks x


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7 Replies

  • It depends we're u are I no in notts u have another lot at 27 weeks and they check u for iron levels ect x

  • 28 week bloods in my area - I'm not 100% sure what they're checking for. Iron levels sounds like a pretty good bet!

    Have a look in your notes and you should find a summary of what appointments you will be offered and a brief description of what each one will entail, it's on the second page of my notes. When is your next appt? Give your midwife a call if you're unsure - all primary care trusts run things slightly differently (or so it seems from speaking with ladies on this site!) so don't worry if yours don't do them x

  • I had a blood test at around 12 weeks and I have got one booked in for August where i will be 29 weeks. That one is to do with Diabetes. If I didn't have it in my family I dont know if I would have had other bloods taken other than the 12 weeks bloods.

    My midwife doesn't take bloods of me I have to go to the hospital where I am going to have my baby as she doesn't practice from my hospital. I dont know why she cant take them though and test them from the surgery but I am not complaining as I prefer the hospital midwifes anyway.

  • In my area you have at 12weeks,then 28weeks.the second one is for antibodies and third one at 34weeks.if you have any problems like i did then they gonna do more blood tests x

  • Thanks everyone. Not that im some kind of blood test junkie :) it's just my midwife seems really uninterested in everything ... and everything you expect, she doesnt seem to do. Never measured my weight, BMI, never asked if I drink - and I can clearly see all of these notes saying 'discussed' in my green notes when in reality nothing has been discussed?! Just puts my mind at rest knowing nothing essential has been missed. x

  • in my area (south east) had 12 week bloods then have some at 28 weeks, maybe ring the midwife unit and see if u need anything. x

  • Same as Ceribean, 12 & 28 (results tomorrow including Glucose intolerance test) x

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