Is it too early to tell family?

Hello every one :-) hope you are well? I am only 5 weeks +4 days yet my partner 'let it slip' to his parents at 4weeks +6 that we were pregnant. Should I tell my mum? It feels far too early and I'm still a little scared. I definitely don't feel ready to tell my pa. what are your thoughts/feelings? When did you tell people close to you?


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8 Replies

  • I would tell your mum bbe x

  • I would tell her.

    We told our parents when we were expecting our 3rd and I was about 5/6weeks unfortuantly I had a mc a week later which we were gutted about BUT our parents knowing kind of made it abit more bearable as they knew what the matters was and we weren't hiding anything.

    Then when we got pregant again we told them again at 7 weeks, just tell them to keep it quite though as it is your news to tell. Your partner sounds too excited to be able to keep it to himself so might let it slip anyway.

  • as im still at home me and my boyfriend did our test the day my period was due, and within an hour once she had come in from food shopping my mum knew, his mum was away with work so we waited to tell his parents till the weekend after. It helped me a lot them knowing as my boyfriend is in the army and away all week and some weekends so i had someone to turn to with my worries. It went without saying that they didnt tell anyone till after our 12 week scan

    x x x

  • Thank you :-) I told her and she was thrilled.....she started crying in the middle of the supermarket. It was great timing though as we were talking about upcoming birthdays. To be honest I feel extremely relieved that she knows. :-) thank you <3 just keeping everything crossed now.

  • I told my mum the day I did the pregnancy test I just couldn't contain the news ??

  • Same here. :) Told close fam on the day... Tried to hang on with everyone else but didn't last long. Made it a whole two weeks till everyone knew. :D Congratulations btw. X

  • I told my mum before everyone else apart from my husb, I think she would be hurt if she was the last one to know, told her last time too and had to tell her after I had a miscarriage.Mums are usually very understanding and just want u to be happy, but it depends on the relationship u have with her, for me I always told her everything so this time I had to tell her too :)

  • I'm nearly 11 weeks and nobody knows except my husband. This was my choice more than his, but he's ok with it. Got our first scan on the 24th so...all being well...we'll start spreading the good news shortly after :)

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