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Old pelvic injury

This is my first baby and I am approx 11 weeks - first scan next week! I had a pelvic injury many years ago when i was 17 (i am 35 now), where i broke my pelvis in 4 places. I didn't have surgery and the pelvis healed naturally, since then i have had no issues. I am wondering whether i will be able to have a natural birth or will need a C-section..I really don't want a C-section.. I have told my midwife and she mentioned that i will need to see a consultant to see what sort of shape my pelvis is in. Anyone else been able to have a natural birth after a fractured pelvis?


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No I haven't BUT you are just going to have to take there advice on it, you dont want to go through with a natural birth and then find the baby gets stuck and have to be rushed in to theatre for an emergency C-section, I would imagine that would be alot more traumatic for both you and the baby. I really dont want a C-section either but you have just got to take there advice, they are the prefessionals.


Thats very true - thank you..!


Hi, Ive never had a pelvic injury or anything but I'm thinking its going to be a bit of a waiting game for you, as you are just over 11wks, when the baby has gained some weight the consultant will be able to see what the best option of birth will be for you.

The plus side i guess is you'll get more opportunities to see your Lil' one before she/he is born.




very true! we will see what they say at the first scan..



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