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Did anyone else have aches at 10 weeks?

This is my first pregnancy.

At weeks 4, 5 and 6 I had period pain like cramps (at the time my period was due) and after reading up about it, found out that it can be perfectly normal and due to implantation plus uterus starting to stretch, etc etc, so didn't pay them too much notice.

Weeks 7, 8 and 9. No cramps. All good.

However, I'm now 10 + 4 and I'm getting a kind of 'aching' where I imagine my uterus is. And I'm worried :(

I've looked on the internet and all I can gather is that sharp pain and blood is BAD. But it doesn't say all that much about anything else.

I'm not bleeding and I wouldn't describe the feeling as 'pain' as such, more of an achy/v. light cramp sensation.

I've read you can get some 'discomfort' around this time due to ligaments stretching and your pelvis beginning to make room for the growing uterus. Is this what that is?

Have any other ladies had achy sensations around 10 weeks? And did everything turn out ok?

Haven't told my husband about it yet as I don't want to worry him. But I am starting to get a bit worried about little Baby Nutella :(

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I have the what sounds like the same sort of aches as you - i am about 11 weeks in. I have read on various sites that cramping is 'normal' particularly for new mums like us, as everything is stretching and moving to accommodate the baby (Baby Galaxy for me - he/she has an expensive taste in chocolate ;o) ).

I think like you say, as long as there isn't bleeding accompanying the cramps / sharp pains, all is ok..

If you are worried, i'm sure your midwife wouldn't mind a quick phonecall to put your mind at rest..



I had them at 7-10 weeks like as if I was going to come on. It is your uterus stretching.


My midwife said as long as its no worse than your average period pain its probably just your uterus adjusting. Do ask though if you're worried!


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