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can anyone recommend any maternity wear for work?

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hi ladies,

currently 23 weeks 1 day, thought i could get away with putting my bigger work pants and shirts on but feel absoultely awful in them.

the company i work for dont provide maternity wear but arnt happy with me wearing a t shirt and some smart black trousers (crop pants) decided on these because of the heat, they said i can go out a buy some and cliam it back but i dont want to push my luck with them as they have been really supportive of my pregnancy but they are currently cutting costs everywhere

basically i need some white shirts and either black trousers or a skirt can anyone recommend anywhere cheap for this bearing in mind i feel uncomfortable in these shirts as i feel like i have a tent on

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Next do some but not cheap, h&m do some and new look, look on their website x

Have a look online at stores such as, BHS, Next & H&M Is a good one. I guess it depends on the type of work clothes that will not make you look out of place "when at work.

Those smock / dresses are a good one right now as they dont cling to you as much as trousers might.

I got most of my materniy wear on asos, but the best jeans (if you can wear them for work) are definitely from George asda (yeah i know!!) - so comfy. my experience with jeans is that they will all be uncomfortable to some degree - dissapearing waist makes me yank mine up all the time - but hm are also ok.

Topshop is cool but not cheap considering you won't be wearing those clothes for long.

Asda online have got some Maternity wear, I rekon they would be cheaper.

I would definitely recommend H&M. Have bought most of my mat wear from there. Reasonable price and washes well too

I picked up black maternity work trousers both from Mothercare and from George. Early in the pregnancy I preferred the Mothercare ones, but surprisingly it turned out to be the George trousers that continued to be comfortable and attractive all the way to the bitter end, weeks after the Mothercare ones started pinching my bump in all the wrong places. They were so comfy I carried on wearing them even after packing work in. Dirt cheap as well.

Look on e bay. I know its not new but they are like new and the amount of time you'll be in. Them isn't worth paying a lot. I have got some really nice things very cheap

Red Herring at Debenhams do good black maternity trousers, and their tops are quite good too.. And you can still wear them after baby is born if you don't get your figure back straight away !

Try New Look, H&M and if you want to splash out a bit Mamas & Papas :) x

wow thanx Ladies lots of options here, my mum sewed some elastic into my trousers last night over where they are suppost to fasten and zip until i find something i must say i look most attractive (sarcastic) good job my shirts are long is all i can say

x x x

Hi there, just as another option, I only bought one pair of maternity means and one maternity dress, for work I found that stretchy normal jersey dresses worked best with a normal suit jacket which I could wear open were by far the most comfortable...and cheapest if you shop for them at asda! Normal leggins were also just as good in a couple of sizes up from my normal (I'm usually a 10 and bought 14s) I just couldn't face paying £30-50 pet item just for a few months.

Good luck,


I bought a pair of black trousers from Séraphine online, I'm a teacher and wearing them for the first time today. They're very smart and SO comfy!! I feel like I'm siting here in my track suit bums :-) really would recommend them.

They also do maternity ballerina shoes - not cheap but comfy.

Otherwise Red Herring at Debenhams have a few things but most are a bit boring.

I'm just waiting for an order from Asos where you can get really nice tops and dresses.

I also have some H&M items which are cheap and useful but again, more basic. All depends on how smart you need to look at work.

I'm 22.5 weeks and my bump as everyone says is still quite small. But I found that Red Herring and Topshop are pricy in terms of quality V price. I prefer H&M and New Look. I didn't know that George does maternity wear so after reading it here I'll give in a try. Normal leggins started to feel like they are cutting in under my bump so I bought over the bump leggins from Topshop (£15) and I'm very happy. Also I bought one paid of skinny black trousers from New Look for work (£20) and splashed on Mamas & Papas jumper but only because it was 30% off (£40 full price). My husband ordered online Bellybelt for me but I didn't like it as the jeans are folding in a strange way when you sit down and it looks like you have man's bits under your long top. I think that wearing dresses is easier during summer and cheaper.

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