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OCD in pregnancy

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone experienced increased anxiety levels when pregnant?

I have always had a bit of trouble with anxiety and ocd, but I am usually able to keep it under control. In the last week, however I have felt so anxious and am having obsessive thoughts about things that are totally irrational. i'm 22 weeks now.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know if it is normal to feel more anxious?

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I think it is hormones. I feel very irratable at the moment and really snappy with my husband, he can not do anything right and I just bite his head off. He isn't normally so annoying but is really winding me up. I think we over think things and work ourselves up.


I'm feeling the same. I can't stop thinking about all the things I need to do and it goes over and over in my head. Keep writing lists, and obsessing about the state of my house. In reality what does it matter! My poor partner is also having his head bitten off occasionally. Im feeling very highly strung and sensitive about everything. I think megzey is right, bloody hormones!


My anxiety has definitely got a lot worse with my pregnancy and I have had more irrational thoughts. My dreams have also been a lot more turbulent and emotional. I agree with others that the pregnancy hormones exacerbate symptoms. Should all go back to normal once the hormones settle down (I hope).


Hi increased anxiety is very common in pregnancy so much so my midwife worned me of it at booking in stage specially If you have suffered with Anxiety or depression in the past like I have. Mine started at 21 weeks and eased about three weeks go am 29 now. It's not nice or easy but it does wear off I found myself feeling worried about everything including every day like couldn't watch the news or anything as it made me worse. I was also having horrible dreams about my 4year old daughter getting hurt or losing her so I was worried about her living my side all the time the dreams felt so really I was waking in panic and upset but I managed it using deep breathing techniques I read up on and found a relaxing bath with a book ( if tho I have never enjoyed reading) really helped take my mind off everything. Don't forget to take about your worries too even if they seam made an totally out of proportion if you don't ha people to talk to at home let the worries out on here or write it in a diary. Hopefully it won't get to be but if it does see your GP they may refer you to a councillor or give you something to calm you nerves. Your defo not alone thought so don't worry abou it the more you worry the worse it will become. Good luck am here if you want to talk. Xx


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