Can i ask to have a early scan??

Hey ladies,

I was just wondering, im 7 weeks and 2 days, and as I've had 2 miscarriages, can i ask to have a early scan at the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) as a piece of mind? My first midwifes appointment is in beginning of july and i cant wait that long! I just wondered if i could check everything's ok so far. Maybe its just me being anxious and worried xx


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  • You're understandibly feeling anxious & nervous ( due to your last miscarriges). Maybe if you mention this to your community midwife she might be able to refer you, but im really notso sure the EPU can execept it without a medical concern.

  • I feel for you - I have been in the same position recently. I found my local EPU would only see someone who was referred by their GP - rather than self referral. I'm sure your GP will try to help - especially if they are aware of your MCs. But it wil depend on the EPU policy.i live in between 2 and was told one would offer early scans to those with 3 previuos MCs. The other didn't offer early scans unless you were bleeding. If you can afford it there are good private scanning facilities available - i paid £75 which was a bargain - and one of the cheaper places (as they can be upto £150). I'm not sure if this is helpful or not but good luck!

  • I had several miscarriages and when i went there they gave me an early scan to see everything is ok but I had pains when I went in, hence they just book me in for and early scan. With that been said if you can afford to go and have it done privately then I would advise you to do so. Getting an early scan still don't stop anything from happening but I know the feelings of peace of mind. I am just couple weeks pregnant again and my heart is in my mouth but I will be seeking private maternity care this time around because waiting on NHS was a complete disaster, I did blood test and urine test and it take then almost two weeks to let me know I had protein in my urine and had low blood count, by then it was too late because urinary tract infection had already sets in, hence it causes my water to brake early.If I had gotten the result in time it could be easily treated with antibiotic. I would not wish it on anyone because it's very heart broken when you see how simple mishap can cause a catastrophic. But I realize you have to take your health into your hand at times.

  • Poor you, it seems like an absolute age until the first scan. I was terrified of miscarriage as I'm a bit older (over 40) and the risk is higher, and I can't imagine how much worse I'd have been if I'd been through it before. Though I believe it's a bit of a numbers game, this pregnancy lark, so the odds are in your favour!

    I did go to the EPU at c. 6w complaining of pains and I was worried about ectopic and had a lot of sharp pains and a funny lump (which turned out to be a fybroid), but as Abenaa said, I got the impression that you needed a reason like pains or bleeding to be seen.

    It's also possible to pay for a private scan, I believe for about £100 but it depends where you live.

    I also lost all my symptoms at about 8w and became convinced I wasn't pregnant any more, but here I am at 16w and all is fine. Not sure if that helps other than if you do decide to stick it out until the 12w scan then there's lots of reasons not to worry and wind yourself up like I did. I know it's much easier to say than do, sorry!


  • Hi, I miscarried at 7 weeks and was told by the lovely midwife at EPU to call them if I fall pregnant again, and they would do an early 7 week scan. I guess it's down to the individual units, but you can only ask. Good luck.

  • When I saw my doctor to confirm my pregnancy and arrange my first midwives appt she arranged for me to have an early scan as I had has two miscarriages earlier in the year without me asking for one - maybe you should speak to your doctor to get them to refer you. I hope you manage to get an early scan as it definitely put my mind at ease until I had my 12 week scan and so on x

  • Hi I had A mc then feel pregnant. I asked 4 an early scan & thy said no unless I was experiencing problems. I booked a private scan for peace of mind. I can totally understand how anxious u are. Jst ask your midwife she will tell u whatthr policy on referring is. Good luck.

  • I had 2 mc's and when i fell pregnant again i had to wait for my app and i was nearly 13 weeks when i had my first scan.. i asked about an earlier one and they said no its not necessary :( by the time my app came round i was that nervous i burst into tears when the midwife called my name :( not a nice experience so i would deff ask and if not i would enquire at a private clinic xxx

  • Yes you should be able to, I'm in a similar position to you but had some bleeding at 5 weeks so they scanned me and agreed to scan me again at 7 weeks due to miscarriage history. I've subsequently had two further scans due to a haematoma but regardless of the clot, they've been very happy to support me in wanting extra reassurance. I also convinced them to check my hormone levels at 5 weeks as it was too early to see a heartbeat so couldnt tell me if it would continue or not. Failing that you could say you have had some spotting or perhaps some pain, I did that in my first pregnancy as I just couldn't bear the waiting. Obviously not good to fib but if it helps put your mind at rest then do what you need to do. Hope it works out for you. It's a horrible wait and is crippling if you've suffered miscarriages as you fixate in every ache and pain and every symptom you may or may not have. Failing anything else just cry and they should take pity!

  • Hi this is ny first baby and I had bleeding and pain for the last two weeks on and off and was really worried, the hospital fobbed me off but when I told my midwife she booked me into the EPU within a day and they were brilliant and all was well even though I have a 12 week scan next week. My friend who has had 2 mc told me to say how worried you are and they should see you ASAP. I hope you are ok and all is well for you xx

  • Thank you very much ladies for the help and advice! Very helpful indeed

  • Go for a private scan if you can - ours cost £200, but we live in an expensive county :( If yours is expensive too, maybe you could go to another county x

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