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22 weeks 5 days, can my little man be sat in my ribs?

hi ladies, past few days i keep feeling these little flutters on my right side but higher up than usual, around my ribs but then the next flutter can be where they usually are just below my belly button, im not too worried about it but is it possible that he is around my ribs i thought it was a bit early for this also is it safe for him to be there

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Hi, Im 18wks & i occassionally feel little flutters usually under the right side of my ribs. Im not sure what to think of it, i guess im happy to think that he/she is moving around in there. Te only thing is usually during the night it can also feel as if the baby is trying to stand -up & pushing up against my ribs. Ouch!!



Think the uterus is over the belly button now so u will be feeling it there. ...I have felt the same above and low down they must have quite a bit of room! Lol


I'm 26 weeks and only ever feel bubba below my belly button, have once witnessed a bulge to the side of it. I am starting to see bump move on own accord when I am in the bath or chilling in bed.

The only thing I feel in my ribs is pain and have done for a long time now, right sided at 1st & now both. Gets worse as day goes on generally xx


Baby is probably sideways on! I'm 24 weeks and just went for my midwife appt, Small had his head and arms under my belly button on the left and legs under my ribs on the right - he gets VERY kicky over there too.


Hiya im 29 weeks and felt these flutters around my right rib for a while now. However at 29 weeks now its more and more painful and so are babies kicks very strong and sometimes painful. I also fi d my rib hurts a the time kinda as if its bruised even when baby isnt kicking. I often struggle to breathe specially if I have been lay on my right thro the night and wake up in alot of pain. Suppose its a pregnancy quirk like may other painfully niggles we get. Im hoping it wont get to much worse but am not counting on it. Also gotta remember (I never thought of this till speaking to midwife yesterday - all the organs that are normally arounf your tummy area have been moved and pushed up to make room for baby so that could be another reason for pain and defo a result in constipation if you're experiencing that too like I am. Xx


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