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32+1 - so far

So, this is my second pregnancy and has not been as smooth as the first. Early stage blood loss st 11 and 16 weeks caused much anxiety and discovery of low lying placenta and plenty of rest.

21 week scan showed placenta had stretched out the way of the exit and a beautiful baby girl :0)

By 23 weeks could hardy walk and was referrred to physio - diagnosed with SPD.

28 weeks started painful contractions - trip to maternity ward and lots of monitoring and tests was diagnosed with Irritable uterus and issued with Buscopan for when it was too painful!

So currently 32 + 1 and everything appears ok at the moment - time to concentrate on finishing nursery and packing hospital bag :0)

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It's such a rollacoaster pregnancy isn't it....glad everything is ok now....scary getting contractions so early! Did the buscopan work!? I was given drugs through a drip to stop mine...not long to go for you hope everything runs smoothly from now for u x


Certainly is! The buscopan helped calm them down but didn't stop them I just cope with them now ::0 ) how long have u got left?


I get them when I get stressed it makes me panic so try not to get stressed! I'm 20 weeks today but I had contractions with my daughter at 32 weeks and then again 10 years later at 32 weeks! Didnt have them with my last but having them so early is a bit scary! X


Oh wow what a journey so far. Spd luckily I've managed to escape this but I've heard it can be anything from uncomfortable to really painful and on crutches. :-( what we go through eh! So a baby girl :-) congratulations so to pack your bag and get ready for the nursery do it now while its on your mind as when you get to where I am you become a lazy ass lol 37+2 :-) not long xx


Strangely enough ive had all the same problems although i did not have blood loss i had a blood clot in the womb but luckily it has gone without losing anything :) i'm nw 31 weeks although i went into labour at 27 +5 and had to have steroids and the drip was transferred hospitals and stayed for 4 days :( her heads engaged and its a waiting game nw but every week is a bonus and the longer she stays put the better :) i still keep getting the odd tightenings but hopefully just braxton hicks! x


Oh my, pregnancy is by far the hardest roller coaster of emotions I have ever experienced x


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