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I need answers ASAP! Confused:(

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How did your belly feel when you were 2-3months pregnant? Because my belly feels hard n can feel something in it. Might be 2-3months preg am not suree sooo confused n might be 3weeks cause that was the times I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend am confused

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Hi there

Not sure you can just tell from whether your belly is hard... best thing to do is to pop into a chemist or supermarket and buy yourself a pregnancy test. if you think it might be less than a few weeks since you conceived then clear blue is very good because it tells you how many weeks, not just whether you are pregnant.

Chances are if you are preggers you'd have some other symptoms too, like nausea, or cramps which are a bit like period pain but your period never comes.

Hope it works out for you! x


My Uterus has only gone hard in the last few weeks and I am 20 weeks 1day. I had had no period for 14 weeks and did not know I was pregnant as I had a negative test my doctor did an internal and she could not feel I was pregnant. It was my scan the next day that revelled I was 7 weeks pregnant. If you are only that early on that I doubt your uterus would be hard. Your either further along than you think or there is something else that is making your tummy hard. Get a pregnancy test today. If it is negative then you need to get hold of your doc and tell them as you may have a cyst or something.

Okk thanks

I'm 10 weeks and my tummy doesn't feel hard -very much the opposite, in fact!

Just the bottom part is a little harder than usual n can feel something at the left hand side of my belly

HI Daisy

call your gp, get an appointment asap. he surely will be of help

also, as someone else said. get a pregnancy test that will be able to tell you how many weeks pregnant you are.

good luck!

Positive test

Positive test

ooo Daisy I just read your post! you just knew it was! how are you feeling? hopefully it's the result you wanted...!? xx

Am feeling okay, they did a urin test cause they couldn't do the blood test n it came out positive n it came out negative so many times b4 so they said to come back for a blood test to be suree so gonna wait for then x

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