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Some good news!!

Hi everyone, I posted some two weeks before that I lost my pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks and urine hCG test was negative. Went in to GP and she told me that I'll have a miscarriage.

However, I never lost hope and am back into my country. Had a scan today and my baby is doing well. He is 10w6d according to the scan although my last period started on March 26, and according to that the baby should be 10w3d. Can anyone tell me why is it so?

Besides, I am using Pregnacare Original tablets and my doctor told me just to take folic acid. I don't understand the logic. Can anyone help?

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Congratulations I'm so made up for you that you never have up hope. I took folic acid and stopped around 17 weeks purely cos I ran out. But my doctor has said I should be taking pregnan are vits but I've never done with my other two so I'm sticking to what I know. Each to there own but as my. Doc said they recommend now so that after the birth you feel a little stronger within especially if your planning to breast feed as baby takes all vital nutrients xx


Thats great!!!i bet you fell so relieved!!!never give up hope.i'm not any good with dates as mine are confusing lol.but about tablets:first three months i was taking folic acid and after 12weeks i've changed for pregnacare as it has got more vitamins +folic acid as well.with my first son i never took anything as my midwife didnt think about telling me.and after i had my son i had anemia and had to take iron tablets for three i think there is definitely no harm in taking vitamins xx


Aaah it is so lovely to hear such a fabulous story!!! I'm so pleased for you!

Apparently folic acid on it's own is hard to absorb into the body (I think it's iron you need with it), and pregnacare gives you a fuller combination of vitamins.

If the price is stinging you, I bought a superdrug alternative the other week, and they were on a 3 for 2 at the time and came in very cheap. Seems to have the same vitamins in about the same quantities, too!



my doctor advised pregnacare over folic acid, as pregnacare has vit D and a lot of babies at the mo are being born deficient in it. You can give them supplements after birth, but much better if they have just gotten it from you. Lovely news for u, congrats x


Great news! As some comments above; the midwife at my booking appointment asked if I was taking folic acid or pregnacare and I said both! I'd read somewhere that that was ok but she actually said that you can get too much folic acid and that pregnacare has all the vitamins that you need along with the right amount of folic acid so for the last 8 weeks, that's all i've been taking. I'm 16+1 now and counting down to my 20 week scan on 1st July :) x


Ah great news, I have got my last folic acid to take tomorrow and I am 20weeks. Just wanted to finish the bottle off. The folic acid helps spinal Bifda I think they said.


Congrats :) lovely news :) In N.I its recommended to take folic acid and vitamin d now.. but midwives advise pregnancy care tablets the whole way through.. I take pregnancy care plus tablets which have omega in them aswel.. iv taken 2 a day everyday and still do and I'm 38 weeks.. expensive tho but because I don't eat fish or meat I need the extra vitamins xx


Fantastic news, congratulations! Don't worry about due date differences, they all come when they're ready. I took folic acid alone till the bottle ran out. Moved to pregnicare at 13weeks. Also was told that contributed to my daughter having a full mop of hair too as PC accelerates hair and nail growth... Not sure what truth is in that though, lol! :)


Congratulations that's great news. - I started taking Pregnacare with omega 3 as soon as I found out I was pregnant before I even got my booking in appointment with the GP. I explained the the GP I was taking them at my booking in and he said this was absolutely fine as long I was getting it into my system plus to Pregnacare has more vitamins in that helps baby as well as the folic acid I think some GP's go of there personal preference to be honest I stopped taking this at 16weeks just because my morning sickness hit an all time high and the midwife recommended coming off it incase my body wasnt adjusting well to the amount of folic i had in my system.



Thank you everyone!

I am into my 13th week now. My Hb had dropped to 10.6 and I am using Pregnacare vitamins only which contains only 17mg iron. In my country the doctors only recommend Folic Acid 5mg tablets and Sangobion which contains Iron plus a few other supplements. I am scared to use it with Pregnacare, cause I think I might take an extra dose and it would harm my baby.

Can anyone suggest how much iron in mg should I be taking to cope with low Hb? I asked my doctor and she din really answer me well. Don't know who to ask.

Secondly I read that Pregnacare is not recommended after 12th week. The pack says I can use it through all of pregnancy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Love to everyone xx


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