Is there a test to tell you how long you will be fertile for?

My mother, aunt and nan all have gone through the menopause in their late 30s (my moms 41 and has just finished hers). Im 21 so possibly a little young to be thinking about it but I do want a family and would like to know basically when my time will be up or when ill be less likely to concieve. Has anyone been tested for anything like this?

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You can probably go to your GP and ask but I doubt they will test you with being only 21. I had no period for 14 weeks and done a negative pregnancy test and I thought I was starting the menapuase, I was distraught as I was only 30 and they wouldn;t test me, they said as it didn't run in my family at a young age not to worry. At your age I really wouldn't worry about it.

I just want to know how long I have left fertility wise. I dont want to find out further down the line that im not as fertile as I was and that I have less a chance to concieve and only be mid to late 20s as fertility drops 10 years before menopause.

I think they can test to tell you what you'd egg reserve is may give you some idea of timescales.

If it runs in your family then it is likely to affect you too. There are lots of fertility treatments out there now and I don't know about fertility dropping 10 years beforehand... Your mum and nan have both conceived ok. How old were they when they had children? It must be tough feeling like you're on a tighter time scale than most of us, as all women are on a time scale for children. I don't think anyone could give you a definitive answer though. It's just one of those things. Even if you where given a length of time, there is no guarantee. Similarly I've known ladies who have been told they can't conceive at all and have somehow managed it. I have also heard there is a boost to fertility just before the onset of menopause too. Speak with your dr and the women of your family if you feel you can. Since we tend to follow the path of our mums, they will know more about this than anyone else. :)

There is a fertility test available on as you get get older your body produces a different hormone. As this hormone increases the eggs become fewer and fewer so the test is designed to pick up this hormone. It won't tell you how much longer you will be fertile for but it would give you an idea of your current status and you could retest every few months to keep track. Good luck x x

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