A sad day

I can't believe that yet again I'm having to feel the pain of losing a baby. Today I was 7 weeks and unfortunately this pregnancy was not to be as it has ended. This morning I had pain and I just knew it was going to be over. I know it is natures way of letting us know something was wrong and I am thankful I don't have to go through another procedure like last time, but it doesn't make it any easier.

When will I be my time :(


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  • I am so sorry to read ur sad news and I can't imagine how u must b feelin, but please try to remain positive...it WILL b ur time soon, my sister lost3 and now has a beautiful baby boy. My thoughts r with u x

  • I'm So sorry to hear that, u must be so sad. .. my thoughts are with u and hope u have some good news in the not so distant future xxx

  • SO sorry to hear this :( I know how you are feeling.. I had two miscarriages one at 16 weeks and the other 11 :( I know its not much comfort at the minute but dont give up.. your time will come, it is gods way of saying it wasnt ment to be right now :( After both my miscarriages I got it into my mind I would never be able to have another baby, but every pregnancy is different and you have to stay positive and keep trying, im 38 weeks now so It has happened for me and will happen for you to :) stay strong and dont give up. Take Care xxxx

  • Ah peanut1 I am really sorry for you. Have you defo had it confirmed by a scan?

  • Hi ladies thank you all for your comments, they have helped me remain positive.

    I had a scan today to confirm, I'm just waiting for the rest to pass as the sonographer said there is still some remaining. I have to go back on Friday to have more blood tests done as they want to completely rule out ectopic, but no sac visible from scan.

    I'm in a lot of pain tonight so hopefully it will not be long

    Thank you again for your kind words xx

  • orh peanut1 im sorry to hear of your sad news. i can only hope that its quick for you. one day will come when your body knows whats right and i pray you dont have to wait to long. hugs xx

  • sori about that

  • Really sorry to hear about your loss. I can only imagine the emotional and physical pain you are going through at the moment. Sending you big cuddle and positive thoughts xx

  • I am so sorry for your loss, I know exactly what you are going through, don't lose hope god has special plans for you, you will be blessed with a beautiful baby sooner than you think. Don't give up.

  • I am realy sorry to here. No words can take away u pain but stay strong xxxx

  • Really sorry to hear that. I has two miscarriages last year at 9 and 6 weeks although it doesn't matter what stage you are as once you know you pregnant the heartache is still the same. Don't give up ...... Xx

  • I know how you feel. I am sat in EPAU as we speak having my second miscarriage. You are not alone. It will happen just don't give up x x x

  • Oh HayleyP I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you are not there too long I had a bit of await yesterday, but the midwife who looked after me was so lovely. It's my second loss too so I feel your pain. We will be mummy's soon stay strong xx message me if you need to chat xx

  • Big hugs for you too HayleyP. Xx

  • HayleyP sorry to hear of your miscarriage. Your right don't give up. You'll both make the most wonderful mummies at a point in your future. Hugs x

  • Ladies I'm over whelmed by the support from everyone on here, now and when I lost my baby to trisomy 13 in february. I'm so glad I signed up, its great to know there are people out there who care, pregnancy and loss of pregnancy can be an isolating time, but I've always felt supported in this little community thank you


  • I'm sat at my desk reading your post with tears in my eyes. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this again. You're really not the only one & I hope you can take some comfort from the support on here. It will work out for you. For now take sometime to recover & get yourself back on track. Big hugs. Xxx

  • So sad to hear your news Peanut1, I cannot imagine your pain and my thoughts are with you. X

  • So sad for you and HayleyP sending you both lots of cuddles x

  • So sorry to hear that and to you too HayleyP. I went through the same thing in March so like many of the ladies on here we feel the pain with you. Thoughts are with you both. xx

  • Girl get yourself together I know that pain toooo much, I've traveled down that route at least 6 times, my last miscarriage was 19 weeks so I know the PAIN and to make matters worse I am pregnant again, I just found out yesterday and don't ask if my heart is not in my mouth. My head is all over the place with endless thoughts about the possibilities. One problem I had strep b group and now I am thinking if it will happen again. Now the worse bit of it is when you started showing and coworkers and neighbor knowing you are pregnant and then all of a sudden there's nothing there and the explanation you have to give, that's when it hurts really bad. Girl I know your pain and I felt it 6 times but I am happy I don't accept defeat or give up on becoming a mom even though I don't have any kids, so it's pretty hard road to travel.

  • Oh Peanut1, I'm so sorry to hear about this...I remember you answering my question on my loss and felt that there was hope after all. I was so happy that you were expecting again and hoped that all was going well. I really hope that you don't lose hope...you will be a mommy one day soon...just have to stay positive. I really hope that you have a good medical team to help you through this x

    I'm sorry to all the ladies who've had this experience of loss...I do hope that you remain positive.

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