Fundus height measuring big

I had an antenatal checkup today with the midwife. Baby seems fine with good heartrate and is very lively. But when checked, my fundus height was about 26 weeks. I'm currently 23 +3 days. During my 20 week scan I was about 1 day ahead. Should I read anything into this? - it's definitely not twins and my previous 2 babies were small for their dates


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  • hi! i had the same thing. I've been measuring 2 weeks ahead of my actual weeks. my midwife said 2 weeks either side is nothing to be concerned about as all babies are different, not to mention mummies shapes being different. it could be that you have a lot of fluid around the baby maybe or your baby has has a growth spurt which will even out. Ask your midwife at your next check up and hopefully she can put your mind at rest x

  • I had same issue- my nhs trust provide each lady with an individual growth chart for bump, going off vital statistic prior to pregnancy. I have charted above average since 24 weeks and am now 34 weeks. We gave it until my 33 week appointment, but because I am still charting big (estimated birth weight 10lbs!!!), i now have a referral for Gtt test tomoro and a scan on 18th june. I wouldn't worry, I think it you need a couple more measurements. I am not overly worried, just happy for the check now.

  • im 29 weeks pregnant with my 2nd ( my son was 8lb born at term ) u don't get so many appointments as 1st time cos I had no pregnancy problems.

    I only have 1 measurement on my chart up to now but its above the 90 % line , I have another appointment next week ( 3 wks after last ) when I was down for 6 weeks gap , she didn't say anything to me last week I just thought it was strange having another appointment so close together so read through my notes , there keeping an eye on me for something but haven't said what ! iv had a ggt as my bmi was 32 at beging of pregnancy but due to sickness I lost weight and no 1 go back to me so presume its all clear as they said they would only call if it was positive . if im still measuring big next week will I have to have a growth scan ?

  • Firstly, my midwife appointments went down to 3 weekly after 28 weeks, so that may be normal. And yes they definitely should have informed you if you gtt showed anything- my hospital said will only contact if there is an issue. As for the growth scan, suppose it is down to policy in local area. I charted above 90th percentile at 28, 31 and 34 weeks, and got the referral at 34 weeks. Just speak with your midwife next time and ask her what policy is and for more info. x

  • thanks for ur reply . 3 week appointments for your 2nd pregnancy is definatly not the usual ! sounds like im going down the same route as u , had my last app at nearly 28 weeks , next app at nearly 31( extra 1 ) so guess if im still big again at 34 weeks il possibly b sent for a scan . im hoping iv just had a growt spurt when they measured . as I said i presume the gtt was clear cos they haven't informed me otherwise , but my midwife didn't say anthing last time about why iv now got an extra appointment , Im only presuming its cos I measured big .

  • Thanks for your responses. I'm not too worried at the moment but it seems odd because I am small and my daughters were 6lb3oz (full term) and 5lb13oz(9 days early). I'm booked in for GTT in three weeks due to family history but really hope it comes back negative. I'm not looking forward to 12 hours of fasting either... I will be having a 4 D scan done at the end of June also so I'llbe Iinterested to hear if they think baby looks big for dates.

  • Ah your daughters were well teeny tots. Wish my boys were that small when they were born. My first was 4 weeks early & 7lbs 14oz so I am thanking god that he never went full term or I would have split into.

    I have got my diabetes starvation on 2nd Aug, so something to look forward to NOT.

  • They were indeed tiny -I have kept a couple of vests and cannot believe that they were that small. One has stayed tiny, the other will be overtaking me soon! Hope your diabetes check has a good outcome.

  • I am sat having gtt now, all hyped up on my bottle of lucozade, lol!! I will be happy if bubs is healthy even if it is big lol. Hope ur gtt test goes okay x

  • Hope the test went ok and results will be ok. I am surprised that they have told you to drink lucozade - l have to pick up a prescription for a glucose drink from the doctor. Yes the most important thing is a healthy baby at the end :-)

  • It was done in my antenatal day unit- fasted for 12 hrs, had my first bloods done, had to drink the lucozade and then wait there for 2 hours before second blood test done. Now just awaiting results.

  • If you're virtually 24 weeks, a measurement of 26cm is normal - it's generally taken as your gestation in weeks plus or minus 2cm... Xx

  • Thanks for the reassurance that this is normal. My eldest daughter was born small and followed her own line along the growth charts below the bottom percentile. The health visitors were forever fussing as she below average but she's never had any major health problems.

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