Light dark bleeding and cramp at 9 weeks, could I be miscarrying?

I had an abdominal ultrasound scan yesterday which showed the baby measured ok but the tech could not make out the heartbeat. She suggested I go back in a week as the baby maybe too small at the moment. Afterwards I had light, dark coloured bleeding and mild lower back pain. It is more discomfort than anything. I saw a doctor, who examined the blood and said it was old blood. It wasn't fresh like a period but I am still worried, especially after the inconclusive scan. The bleeding and backache are still here today. I am anxious because it has taken us over 2 years to get pregnant. I am 36 and desperate to have another baby.

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  • You mentioned that the blood is quite dark which does indicate its not fresh. I guess its because your scan results wer'nt as clear as expected but try not to worry yourself too much. Early pregnancy can be a very uncomfortable time for many women its the time when our muscles & ligiments are being stretched & pulled in all sorts of directions not to mention the nausea / sickness we may feel until the 2nd trimester.


  • Thank you for your reply. I am so anxious. I have booked a private ultrasound today and am hoping for the best.

  • I had similar bleeding at 9 weeks...I had mild aches a bit like period pain and then a little blood that was mainly brown but did get a bit heavier and redder at one point but when I went for a scan (after sitting in A&E for hours) I was told this was the baby burrowing into my womb so hope this is the case for you too. Try to relax (not easy I know). I stopped bleeding after about 4 days. Lots of love xx

  • Thank you. I am hoping for some positive news as this has really got me down. You comment has given me hope. Felt like a big hug :) Will post again next week after scan.

  • Hiya isoneenough, how did your private ultra sound scan go?? I hope everything is o.k. I know seeing blood when pregnant can be horrible and it is easy for everyone to say try to relax. I bleed on & off with my first and with my 3rd, I think alot of ladies have experienced it on here so you are not alone.

  • It was as inconclusive as the first one. The tech was horrible but the Dr. was reassuring. Had Hcg tested and it is normal. Still not feeling great. quite despondent actually. But have more tests tomorrow and another scan next week will see how those go.

  • When you say your hcg were normal what were they? When I found out I was pregnant after a blood test mine were 2000 at 7 weeks and 20,000 at 8 weeks. I really do hope everything is o.k for you. Hopefully this week will fly by and you will get the results you want on the scan next week.

  • I didn't ask :(. However my progesterone levels were on the low side of normal. This coupled with the inconclusive ultrasound has made think I may have miscarried sometime last week. I am hoping this is not the case. My small sliver of hope is that the ultrasounds I have had were transabdominal and the equipment was rather dated so I am holding out hope that things are not as dire as I think. I just want this limbo to be over....

  • Oh the cramping and the bleeding has seems to have stopped, but who knows what it really means. I am just so tired of the disappointment that has been attached to trying to conceive.

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