Is my baby still alive? :((

I'm 11 weeks far and yesterday I had a little incident when using the hair dryer. After having a bath, I used it and then unplugged it and I've got electrocuted. I didn't hold on it, I let it go immediately but I'm really concerned about my tiny baby inside of me who is now the size of a strawberry and that the electric flow that passed through my body could have been led to the tiny one and seriously harm her???? I'm very scared and upset and sad :(

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  • Get yourself down A&E girl, that's not something I could sit on until the scan, best get yourself checked out, fingers crossed all be fine, the shock wouldn't have been massive but give yourself peace of mind x

  • Just saw your post and can imagine you are doing your pieces, I would be too.

    I found these threads which I thought might put your mind at rest, lots of reassuringly similar stories with happy endings:

    Guessing you've got your 12 wk scan soon but the early pregnancy unit would see you tomorrow I'm sure. I convinced myself I had an ectopic at 5 weeks and it put me out of weeks of miserable fretting...


  • It's midnight and I just can't sleep! This answers scared me even more! I guess I was hoping I'll find some comforting answers saying it can't be that bad :(

    I'll go and check tomorrow! Thank you both for answering to me. I very much appreciate them!

  • Bless you, I am so sorry it made you feel worse rather than better. Don't worry, the EPU is the default answer to every worry, not because there's normally going to be an issue with the little one, more to put you out. Of your misery. Internet is a curse at these moments xxx

  • Precisely, the worse thing is not knowing for sure and they can simply probe you and see, call them for advice 1st thing as mine never answer and take forever to call back. I only said about A&E last night as was late and that's only option at that hour & thought you might have made decision to see someone due to your worries & fears, Please don't sit and wait...go see someone for help and reassurance. X

  • Hiya Woopsie, I don't know if it is the same surge as a electric hair dryer but I was out walking my dogs last week and I got caught by an electric fence right in between my shoulder blades wearing a T-shirt, the shock was so powerful that I feel to the floor when I was trying to clamber under it. I have felt my baby move around since so I am hoping you will be o.k. How long have you got till your 12w scan?

  • How is everything? X

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