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Is it healthy to feel addicted to Coka-cola at 17wks pregnant?

Hi ladies, Hope you are all well & enjoying the nice weather

I'm currently 17+wks pregnant, & getting closer to my anomaly scan (in about 2wks) "just as well as the wait is now torturous" but as my pregnancy has developed since about wk13 i've had an incredibly sweet tooth. Its to the point of I can easily skip my main meal (which is usually about 4:30 - 5:00pm) for something like a trifle dessert or a few cakes.

But today has surprised me more than ever as i'm pretty certain I may have managed to drink more than 7 cans of coke today. I can usually be okay with something like 1 can every other day as it helps some of the headaches I get. I'm not sure if it's just down to the nice weather that has come about or it's something which my body is really craving / wanting. The fact that I currently manage a shop with my other half is probably the main reason why I also managed to drink so much as if I was to be running to a different shop to buy them i would have stopped myself.

As I said I dont yet know the sex of the child & I dont like to jump to conclusions "just in case I end up disappointing myself", But apart from that is this normal / "healthy even""?

All that caffeine that coka-cola contains has got to be a Lil shocking for a unborn child.

I'm now rubbing & playing with my bump to try & get a reaction of some sort & I think I can feel little strokes coming back.

What do you think ladies? any comment is all good

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I used to drink loads in my first pregnancy....but that was 17 years ago now they have that 200mg of caffeine a day limit...that's the only concern and obviously the sugar but if you don't do it everyday then a little bit of bad now and again isn't too bad in my books x


Thanks Babymother,

Its something im not planning to do tommorrow, every -now & then should be fine. I think its the fact that i didnt expect to get these sort of cravings so early.


You are not alone - I am literally dreaming about the stuff at the moment! I've attempted switching to diet caffeine-free version but it just doesn't hit the spot!

Try to limit yourself - as well as having loads of caffeine which isn't recommended but a massive hit of sugar which amongst other things can put you at risk of gestational diabetes and other nasties. I'm not trying to scare you at all - that's just what I try to keep in mind when I'm tempted by a coke for breakfast!

Sometimes fizzy water will scratch my itch. There's nothing wrong with a treat - don't beat yourself up over it, we are supposed to enjoy this pregnancy lark ;-)

(Oh, and if it helps with your gender speculation, I'm having a girl) x


Thanks dons88, that suggestion about trying fizzy water sounds good actually, im still not 100% as i hated that stuff "prior to pregnancy" but its also not the 1st time of heard that sparkling water can soothe / calm a sugar crazed, caffiene pregnant woman (like myself).

& yes i also hear your point about gestational diabetes , if im honest im not looking forward to the next antenatal appointment "at all".



Nothing beats an ice cold glass or 3 of coke on a lovely day :) I certainly have drank more than normal.. think its the sugar :) I'm very bad with the caffeine intake.. iv switched to decaf coffee but my love for chocolate and coke probably cuts out any good I'm doing :(

When I had my little girl 7 years ago there wasn't all this fuss about what not to eat or wear or what side to sleep on and she's perfect :) my neighbour used to chew and eat sponges when she was pregnant so a little coke now and again isn't too bad :) maybe not everyday tho just incase xxx


I was addicted to coke when I was pregnant but I limited my self to the guidelines of caffine intake which is the equivalent to 5cans of coke a day but that means having no other caffine.. Then after week 34 I had a scan and my son was 6lbs so from then I did start drinkin it more and he was born a week late 7lbs 10oz .. Don't think it's so much of a worry in the last couple of week because your babys pretty much done all their growing and all the vital stuff so not much will hurt them but in the beginning it is.. Try not to over to caffine because it can result in low birth weight, miscarriages and still births..


I wish I hadn't read this comment about the recommended daily caffeine allowance being equal to 5 cans - I purposefully hadn't worked it out so that I could fob myself off with half a can as my daily allowance! I'll have to up the willpower even more now hehe x


Haha, I hear you about the willpower sense, I'm Really trying to stop myself myself today Its torturous I SWEAR!!!!!!!


I cant get enough of diet Pepsi and it has to be Pepsi. Coke has got about 7 teaspoons of sugar in each can I think someone told me so be careful you don't over do it with the sugar or might find yourself in a bit of a mess by the end of your pregnancy.


My Favourite drink at the moment is orange lucozade :) absolutely love the stuff and the new Cadburys marvellous creations chocolate the one with the cookie in it :) and usually I’m not a sweet tooth person either. I try to eat and drink in moderation but try not to scare yourself to much with all the info about, if we did everything that is suggested we would be worried sick and never enjoy the joys of pregnancy and cravings is a passage of right, All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and I’m 22 wks. today and having a little boy xxx


Ive also had a fixation of orange lucozade too, as long as its taken in moderation im sure its fine.

Thanks for your reply. xx


Dont wanna rain on you ladies parade but Coke is poison! When I started bleeding at 9 weeks I rushed to A&E in a panic and the triage nurses' first question was are you drinking enough water? I answered that I thought I was and told him what I had been drinking and he told me that I wasnt and that I shouldnt include fruit juices in my water intake. He also told me not to drink coke, that it was basically poison and if you google it you will can clean a drain or engine with that stuff so imagine what it does to your insides! I only ever drank it rarely anyway...but as someone said it goes down nice with ice and slice on a hot day. Sorry I sound really boring but had to tell ya what I have learned!



I've just reached 20 week's and was too obsessed with anything fizzy! I've switched to flavoured fizzy water now. M&s do a good lemon and lime one which tastes as close to sprite as you need too! Asda have good offers like 4 for £1 on the litre bottles too. Definitely feel alto better for it now as I wasn't drinking any water in the day just fizzy things. My ankles seem not to swell as much as I'm standing in a shop all day too!


That's good advise actually, I'll try it as I am infatuated with anything fizzy at the moment what harm could some flavored fizzy water do!! My biggest enemy drink now is orange lucozade LOL.

Thanks xx


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