my journey so far

i have been reading and posting on other peoples blogs so thought it was time to write about my own journey, so am 26+4 with our little boy who we have finally decided on the name Rory who if his kicks and punches r anything to go by I thinks hes going to be a kick boxer, even the midwife has said hes got a strong kick on him when shes examining me. time has flown by but am feeling great and I think pregnancy suits me. I felt really ill between 8-15 weeks with morning sickness and lost weight but ever since then the only way has been up. Me and my boyfriend moved house in the last week and am actually knackered, didn't lift anything heavy obv but just the sorting things out tired me out, but think we r there now, now its time to sort out the babies room which am excited about, haven't bought anything yet as we only just moved so didn't want to have to buy it then move it again so hopefully now we can start! Got my 28 week bloods/whooping cough and anti d injection coming up, just cant believe how quick time has gone, the last 6 months of my life has changed so much bought a house and got pregnant but I wouldn't have it any other way. reading all ur blogs and reading advice from people has helped me a lot so want to say thank u to u all, xxx

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What a lovely blog, like reading your posts, i think we are quite similar in age both having boys but you are about a month ahead of me, glad everything is going nicely for you. And i agree time is flying by

x x x

ahh thanks, I am 24 how old are u? yeh all is gd apart from my back is a little painful and first thing in the mornings I have to waddle around but yeh things are gd, how r u doing? xx

im a wreck all the time worrying about every little thing, i was like this before getting pregnant worrying about everything.

I was 25 on saturday

x x x

All settled into to ur house before baby comes this heat is here its going to make us pregnant ladies knackered!.....glad all I'd going well :) x

ahh yeh so we r very close in age. I am quite chilled out, I try not to worry, I am the one whos trying to sort out other peoples problems. yeh I know, it was now or never with moving, much later and I don't think I would of been able to do it. yeh its hot and I cant have my windows or doors open coz have just got the cat bk from the cattery and they r not allowed out for 2/3 weeks so am having a fan on to get air lol. xx

Ah Hun I'm glad your move went well. :-) 26 weeks that has flown by wow once you have your anti d bloods etc it really is count down. How exciting... I made my last three appointments on Monday with the doc and one being a stretch and sweep. 20 days until due date... Can't believe how quickly the pregnancy has gone. I love too reading and commenting on blogs and questions. From the ladies who I joined in October and some have now delivered. I too as so grateful to be on here sharing the experiences of others including yourself who's journey I've followed too. Xx

you a week behind me. and we are both having boys. :) im 24 too with my first. Waiting to move in to a house but havent got my date to do so yet. they said Middle of July. so hopefully ill be in and ready for when i start maternity. i still dont think pregnancy suits me! haha. ill never get used to it. even though im happy and cant wait for Charlie to arrive. xx

Ah I would love to be 24 again. Your lifes are just beginning now new homes and new little families it is so exciting bet you cant wait.

laurah123, when u move make sure u have lots of help as I seriously struggled, I only lived in a 1 bed house and didn't think I had that much stuff but I was wrong and I was seriously drained/exhausted and I ached so much so make sure u get lots of help as it is mega stressful. I cant believe how quick time has gone either its crazy, making the most of my chilled out days and lay ins as I know by sept they will be a distant memory. I cant wait tho and we r both so excited. allyemo1985 not long to go then, cud be very soon, I cant wait to be on such a short countdown, xx

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