Breast feeding and dummies

James is a week old now and we're having a great time breast feeding. He's latching on great and minus him being a bit of a piggy and over doing it sometimes we're doing fine. However, when it comes to changing him, he screams the place down, and as soon as he's back in his clothes he's fine. It doesn't really bother me because I know he's just twisting for no reason, and he's calm again once he's dressed so I know he's ok, he just doesn't like to be naked! Trouble is my partner suffers from epilepsy in his sleep so I do all the changes at night as if he doesn't get good sleep it brings on fits.

I was thinking of introducing a dummie during changes, especially at night, to try to soothe him so he doesn't wake up my other half, who will also be returning to work next week, but I don't want it to mess up his feeding as we're doing so well.

Does anyone have any experience with dummies and breast feeding? Is he too young for a dummie yet? Any advice would be great, I plan on asking my midwife when I next see her but I was just curious if anyone had any real experience on this. Thanks xx

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  • I believe the conventional wisdom is that starting on a dummy so soon could cause nipple confusion, but I don't know whether this is based on solid research or just an old wive's tale--I'll defer to the wisdom of the ladies who've successfully breastfed for your main question. However, as for the screaming during changes, with newborns this is often caused by them feeling cold, so you might be able to limit this by making sure he's always got something on, so for example if his nappy has leaked you can get a fresh nappy on him before actually removing his vest, and cover him with a towel while you do the fiddly bit of getting the vest over his head. Also make sure you're changing him in the warmest possible place, out of the way of any draughts, even if this means not making use of the beautiful new changing table you bought. And don't worry--they outgrow the phobia of being naked pretty quickly when they chub out...

  • Thanks for the reply. At the minute as he's sleeping in our room, I change him on the floor at my side of the bed for ease instead of wandering into his room like you say to make use of his table. He's in reusable nappies and as of yet he's not leaked through so I only change his nappy and leave him half dressed while I do this and just un button what I need to. I was wondering if it was just because he was cold, but our room is quite warm on a night and he always feels warm when I change him, guess he must just like to be extra toastie like me!

  • Ah, I misunderstood what you meant by naked. I guess you can't really avoid him having a bare bottom during a nappy change--poor little guy, he must be a sensitive soul. I suppose being tired probably doesn't help. My four-month old still fusses sometimes if I have to change him at night, even though during the day he can't wait for his nappy to be taken off so he can have a proper kick-about.

  • My sons 3weeks old now and I really was against dummies but he kept wanting to comfort suck which would then make him throw up after a while because he ends up taking to much milk in.. And also has the same disliking to being naked in the slightest and so he's had a dummie since 3days old.. I've got him the tommee tippee ones.. The changing does get easier, he still screams sometimes but the dummie really does help with nappy changes, sometimes he doesn't even make a fuss about getting changed now. But bath time is still a nightmare lol .. Oh and more than likely your midwife will tell you not to use a dummie because you miss their feeding cues but I never did so.. I think it's fine really . Xxx

  • Oh and I am breastfeeding too.. N he always let's me know if it's boob or dummy he wants too x

  • My son was exactly the same until he was a few weeks old. I think it's just them not liking cooler air on their skin but it does pass.

    My little one also woke up more when I changed him in the night so unless he has a poo I've stopped changing him during the night, he goes back to sleep straight after his feed and we all get a better nights sleep!

    E haven't introduced a dummy but now at 9 weeks I have introduced a bottle which he takes no problem. So I don't necessarily believe in nipple confusion. I would take James into his room to change and feed him in the night so when you do come to settle him in his own room, he's familiar with it and then if he does scream it doesn't disturb your partner. Besides he'll probably get daddy deafness before too long and won't hear a thing in the night!!!

  • Well I tried it last night, I used the dummie that came with the bottle sterilizer (I plan to express milk too for when he's older so his grandparents can look after him too.) he took it and it seemed to do the job. Not a peep out of him, even though he did need his full suit changed because he decided to wee everywhere when the nappy came off! The joys of boys! :) he's feeding right now with out any issues, I think as long as I only keep it for night changes he should be fine. I guess I just worry and over think too much some times. Thanks for your advice, take care xx

  • With aid to the screaming during changes. Not sure if mothercare do them but ikea do towel covers for changing mat. Cheap as chips yet lovely and soft and I'm sure will take the edge off a chilly mat. :-) xx

  • i breastfed for 4 weeks by myself and a further 4 weeks doing formular top ups till he was wanting feeding every hr and still looking for more so just went with bottle on extra hungry baby milk ( not a very long time but any is better than nothing ) and used a Tommie tippie pure dummy from day 2 and it was an absolute life saver . until that point he used me as a dummy and after an emergency section and nearly a week in hospital ( labour and post delivery ) very sleep deprived , he wouldnt settle unless he was on me , once he had the dummy he was like a new baby , I sat up waiting for him to wake , thinking well theres no point in sleeping he'll b up in a min but he was sleeping soundly for hrs fot the 1st time . bliss !

    my son hated being changed , messed about with and being naked, he would settle with his dummy in no time , also once he could get the coordination he started sucking his thumb and I used 2 have 2 wrestle it out and put a dummy in ( it was well cute but I reasoned I can take a dummy off him but not his thumb ! )

    don't know y there is an issue , whatever makes a happy baby and mummy is a good thing in anyones book : )

  • I avoided dummies with my youngest simply to avoid problems with breastfeeding. Changing a newborn is tricky even to experienced mums so here's a few suggestions I found helped:

    Have a towel on a radiator or towel warmer so you have something warm to lay your baby on. Most newborns hate being cold, even for a few seconds and will protest loudly about it.

    Make sure you take as little time as possible to change them.

    Talk or sing to your baby during the nappy change - hearing your voice can be soothing for a fractious newborn.

    If you're using baby wipes, scrunch them up in your hand for a few seconds - this takes the edge off how cold they feel and reduces the shock of something cold and damp against baby's skin.

    Lots of cuddles before and after changing - make this part of your night-time change routine, its reassuring and says you're there and that baby is loved and cared for. Besides, who doesn't love a cuddle :D

  • I am planning on breastfeeding when my LG arrives and my midwife has advised breastfeeding for the first six - eight weeks exclusively without dummies or expressing for bottle feeds as it can confusion for baby

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