22 weeks plus 1 day, movement

hi everyone,

currently 22 weeks and 1 day been feeling flutters and movements from about 17/ 18 weeks and they gradually got a little stronger, been in tears today as i have realised they are not as obveous as they were before and not had any movement since yesterday, rang NHS direct as my midwife can be a bit rubbish at times they went thhrough a large amount of questions to come back with ring your midwife, so text my midwife as thats what she requested i did incase she is on call or on nights and she actually did call me back within a few minutes but she said dont worry its 24 weeks you should be feeling patterns of movements and ive been lucky to feel them this early, but im panicking as why have i felt them so prominant in recent weeks and not now she also said she would have checked the HB for me but as im in work which is 10 or so miles away from where she is she cant do it, i have had a few light feelings in my right rib but i really dont think that is anything at all

can anyone shed any light on this for me very emotional today

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  • Aww bless you hun.i've had the same problem.week ago i didnt feel many movements like before.i was so worried.my midwife was impossible to reach (she never is there).so i rang maternity ward and they advised me to lie on my left side,eat or drink something really cold to see if baby moves or give a kick.at your stage i wouldnt worry too much cos maybe your baby is lying at the back of your uterus and you cant feel it.if you at work you may not notice the movements as you are busy.but if you really worry try go see your gp or out of hours doc after work cos they also have doppler at the surgerys.finally i got to know my baby's routine.she gives me very strong kicks when i'm ready to go sleep.my partner also said when i'm a sleep and he holds my belly,he can feel many kicks and movements then.so maybe your baby is the same?you'll see in couple of weeks how things will change.i'm 29+5 and believe me its not comfortable now.hope that helped little bit xx

  • it does help that someone can relate i know the midwifes see and hear it all the time but they just dont say many reassuring things, overly emotional aswell at turning another year older on the saturday just gone and my partner has gone back to the army yesterday with a busy few weeks ahead of him so wont be coming home for a while :( plus we didnt get on very well this weekend as he gets really tired and im hormonal so dont think thats helping

    x x x

  • I know it's horrible when u don't feel much try having a cold glass of coke your find u don't notice much when ur busy but when u sit down and relax your feel a bit more...I had 3 days of not feeling nothing and I was very stressed at the time which def doesn't help! X

  • was the 3 days after you had felt movement already, i keep hearing different stories about people not feeling anything till about 24 weeks but with already feeling movement and now not im panicking

    x x x

  • Yeah I had been feeling regular flutters then nothing...then when I went to hosp to be checked over as I was having a lot of tightenings the next day they started again...do think stress plays a major factor or if your busy x

  • When I rang the midwife and asked they said they dont monitor movements until 24weeks as they can be so irregular.

    I only feel movements first thing in the morning then nothing all day.

  • Thanks ladies, had my doppler on this morning and i think baby Ewan gave it a massive kick, really confusing time at the moment tho as the doppler has started making a really funny noise

    x x x

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