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Is it normal to be such a miserable cow!!!

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I am 15 + 5 and had a bit of a melt down yesterday. I'm just not enjoying being pregnant and I feel awful for saying that and feeling the way I am. I'm putting weight on at a really fast rate. I've got a wedding to go to next weekend and bought a new dress for it last Monday which now doesn't fit!

This is my first pregnancy and me and my husband are over the moon to be expecting a baby. Our 12 week scan was all fine and we've since had blood tests back for downs syndrome which was really low risk at 1:510000 but i can't help but be worried all the time that something will go wrong. It seems ages between appointments and the 20 week scan is another month away yet.

Just needed to sound off really - I hate feeling like this and am really surprised at myself. I usually take things as they come and am quite a relaxed person. I am a regular jogger and have really noticed how much i've slowed down already which has upset me a bit too. Generally i'm just feeling like a grumpy old cow!! But i love reading all your blogs as it really helps me understand whats likely to be happening next and nice to see so many good news stories. Thanks Ladies :)

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To answer your question 1st of all is YES Definetely. Im currently 17wks pregnant with my 2nd child & usually im a very calm & layed-back person who takes things in my stride (if it gets done brilliant but if not i would also be fine) But since about the 11th wk of pregnancy I being a miserable, emotional cow with just about everything and everyone.Most of the time I dont even know what has set me off or why im upset about it. I guess "well at least im hoping" it will pass in the later stages of pregnancy.


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Lol yep have my moments where I just feel like I don't like anyone and shout all the time! I hate it makes me then feel miserable, oh the joys the joys lol x

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hey, I felt exactly like u, am 26 weeks now so trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was being ill and I was so emotional and was pushing people away. I am on my first pregnancy too so I didn't know what too expect and the wait from the scans was horrible but trust me it gets better. Although now I am quite tired a lot and have a bit of a sore bk I will take tht anyday over how I felt about 10 weeks ago. Do u have a 16 week midwife apt coming up? when I had mine I was able to listen to the heartbeat which was really lovely. I have been trying to swim to keep myself going. And yes starting to feel like a whale is common, I am like that but as the weather is nicer I am living in maxi dresses which are light and comfy, could u not take ur dress back and go and get something different as u will want to be comfy. But trust me u will feel btr, I am so happy right now and although am hurting a bit u will be fine but its all normal don't worry. xx

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Thanks for this comment - really helpful. Yes i will be taking my dress back - it's really not a problem, just a bit of a shock that i'm growing so much already.

i have 16 week midwife appnt on Weds so hoping to hear heartbeat then.

I am just feeling sorry for myself i think - not helped by someone else at work being pregnant too at the same stage but expecting twins and everyone commenting how great she looks (which she does!)

I know it's all hormones and will settle down. Can't wait to feel and look properly pregnant and not just fat and feel baby nmoving

thanks for your comments - it really does help x

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ahh, don't let how u feel be based on other people, just because she looks 'great' she might be feeling like u inside. no girl looks at herself at any time (pregnant or not) and says wow I look great so obviously when ur getting bigger u will think u look ur worst. I didn't really start to feel my baby until I was like 22 weeks, I know it can happen before but thts when It happened for me so don't be alarmed if it takes a while. Trust me that apt on Wednesday will bring a huge smile of happiness and will more than likely take away some of your negative emotions, it helped me a lot. yeh I still get a bit emotional from time to time, tell me a girl that doesn't and I am more tired than normal but give it few weeks and u will look back and think blimey what was all that about. xx

Haha we all have that right, whether we are pregnant or not! You are worried about what might happen, but remember that most pregnancies are perfectly fine. Are there any other sports you can try to help, swimming etc? I try to sound healthy, when I am grumpy, my husband feeds me cheesecake! I feel that I feel better now, I am 18 weeks and that mentally, I just feel happier, I wish you all the best and I hope you feel better soon.

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Yep, I'm a right grumpy cow too!

When I hear friends who are desperately trying to get pregnant, I feel lucky; and my husband is so supportive and caring and lovely and so excited about our impending 'bundle'.

However...if I'm having a funny day and my husband wants to have a couple of beers at a friends bbq I react as if he's smeared poo in my face! Or if he wants to go and meet a friend for coffee in town, I feel 'abandoned' -SOOOOOOO overdramatic! ;)

PS: What doesn't help is all-of-a-sudden I feel like a right fatty. I'm bloated and constipated (you've started me off now!) and even though I'm only 9 weeks gone I've decided I look 20weeks...OR I've decided I might be carrying twins. Which is terrifying btw!

* And breeeeeeeeeeeeathe *

If you are used to being out and about can you walk instead of Jog?

I find that generally being out and about helps stress (and prefrebbly on my own without husband & children in tow) I love walking my dogs and faffing with my horses. I miss riding but find just having abit of time to myself really helps.

I think it is natural to feel grumpy and abit down at this stage, all our friends have gone to Alton Towers today which has peeeeed me off as we cant go, I was defo not going to be a bag holder anyway.

Just have a good old moan it does help.

i feel the same. Im never happy!!! at the beginning i hated being pregnant!! sounds awful and selfish of me but i was so ill that i couldnt even think about the baby inside me. at the 12 week scan i cried all the way through the hospital...... because i didnt want to go to it. the motion of being in a wheel chair made me sick and even the thought of what i was going through. it wasnt until the 20 week scan that i felt better in myself and started enjoying the pregnancy.

Everything gets on my nerves though. i was such a laid back person but now im uptight. my OCD is taking more control of me than ever. i try swim alot as it relaxes me and it takes the aches away and the weight of being pregnant.

i went shopping for some summer clothes on weekend. left the shop in a strop as nothing looked right over my bump! so same as ceribean...i live in maxi dresses. comfortable, light and airy. cant complain as im still small. even midwife measure my fundus height and im 3 weeks smaller than should be. but it all gets to you some days. Just let it out though. dont keep it in xx

Thanks guys you're all amazing xx

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I really know the feeling of being grumpy ha I am one myself.

But don't worry you are not alone in this as you can see from the above comments :-)

I had very hard time coming to terms that I am putting weight each week and there is nothing I can do about it. Up until last week I felt uncomfortable in my own body but I must say this week I feel very positive and happy. I think I am getting use to the weight and I am sure you will too. Also I am very active and still train and I have noticed you like jogging.

Not sure if you have spoken to someone about this or if you have done any research as to what is the safe option whilst pregnant and jogging is but pls note you have to be careful not to over heat your body and keep your heart rate at bay.

I am total fitness junky, I do CrossFit 5 times a week, this is very intense weight training but I monitor my heart rate and don't allow it to go over 160.

If you don't owe heart rate monitor the best thing to do is when you run try and see if you can easily talk or sing. I know it is silly but it is the best way to show if you are running too fast. It can be potentially be very harmful for the baby so better be safe (and silly) then sorry.

I also think a bit of exercise will make you feel better and I am sure within week or so you will be back to your normal happy self or as normal we can get whilst pregnant :-)

Remember there is new life growing in you at the mo and it is the most amazing thing ever xx

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