YES! Sounds weird but its a fact,

Hi ladies sorry to be a pain to u all but I need your help. Ever since i started to bleed my body odor has change, my partner said its in my head but i don't think it is, Can u imagine someone bleeding for 2 weeks non stop it give me a stale bleed smell that's driving me crazy. I wash my self up to 4 times a day but its still there would it be safe to sit over warm water and vinegar just to like give my self a steam, if i was back home i would use a douche but its not even sold in this country any suggestion. My doctor has done a swab and sent it off so I am waiting the result of that but in the mean time I have to do something. Its bad that i cant even have sex but also to have this smell its making me want to scream

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  • Hi,

    Its not a weird question at all because I "at times" feel exactly the same hun (Espcially now the weather is getting warmer.) Im not sure if its our hormones as during pregnancy we develop a more heightened sense of smell.

    Im currently well & fit at 17wks pregnant but i often think I can smell a rather unpleasant (sort of fishy) smell around my vaginal area. I wash myself twice every day & still think I can smell it "as if its not going away".

    I wouldn't say your over-reacting but you may think the smell is worse than what someone else may think. Have you tried mentioning this to your community midwife (If like me you may feel a Lil embarrassed) But I also have an occasional vaginal cyst (same with 1st pregnancy) that comes & goes so I did. My midwife has just told me to keep an eye on it as it dosent cause me any pain or anything it just becomes very uncomfortable.

    P.S If you dont mind me asking you what country are you originally from?


  • Hi Abenna,

    I did mention this to her and that was why they did a swab and send it off, but the smell is killing me I am glad someone else can identify with me and I am not over reacting. but do u think it would be ok to have a little steam with warm water and vinegar i use to use this back home after my period not sure if it would harm baby. And I am from Jamaica

  • I thought so, I was born in U.K but have been raised from Jamaican descent so you know we usually have many ways back home to deal with these sort of things.

    Yeah, try getting a bowl of hot water with some vinegar & carefully sit or stoop over it (Yes easier said than done right now with a big belly in the way) & hopefully it could gradually help the smell to fade away. What harm could it do!

    take care


  • Not advisable to douche or keep washing ur just wash all the good bacteria away and make u prone to thrush....rather than shower have a nice soak in the bath maybe with a bit of salt? I know how you feel I used to get it after my period just didnt feel fresh for a couple of days, I used a bit of antibacterial hand wash if I didn't feel clean instead of my usual shower gel I use to wash, hope the bleeding subsides soon x

  • I also forgot to say they're may be a few places around by where you live that sell douche's (usually from the African / Caribbean shops) from about £3.00 - £5.00


    My husband is from Ghana & is very familiar with these kind of products and usually knows where-abouts to get one. (when he comes home tonight I'll ask him & let you know)

  • Thanks ladies xxxxx

  • Thank you very much, I would really love that my partner comes down on Wednesday would really love to feel fresh even though i cant have sex if you know what i mean.

  • Being occasionally intimate with your partner is okay. (I can sort of understand where your coming from as you've had a few bleeds) I personally feel too tired for it these days anyway but in moderation is okay.

  • I have been bleeding sincethe 18 May I just feel dirty and even if I feel for it not sure I would enjoy it.

  • Hi, sorry to hear what you're going through, I guess there are two aspects here, one is the possible smell and two is your perception of the smell. Do you find anything smells stronger, worse, better? As your hormones change your ability to smell can get more acute, or worse. I hope you get the results back soon, please dont douch, this has been shown to be detrimental to vaginal health, whether you have an infection or not. Wear cotton undies, change as often as you need. Keep the area clean, but don't clean internally. Finally the change in your body can change the odour, while it might not be bad, a slight change to what you're used to can be off putting and seem bad. I hope you get the results back soon, and good luck, with changes in vaginal health sometimes, it can take a while to get back to normal as you are reliant on your normal healthy bacteria to get back into balance. Good luck again it's a pain I know!

  • Thanks for the advice. Let me add I grow up in Jamaica where douching after a period was normal as long as u don't over do it. But being in my position where I don't even want to go out because I think others will smell me is not good. At this point I need to do something to feel good about myself and if douching helps I will try it. I always say every thing in this life is bad if we do it excessivley. Don't get me wrong I do accept ur advice but I am da one dat is suffering.

  • To add children don't know how to lie about somethings. Bless then. My soon to be 4 year old can in my room to get her hair done for school and she said to me mommy u r smelly. To play it down I had to say to her yes baby mommy snizzed and wet herself. But an adult will smell u and say nothing.

  • I don't think any one understands how I feel I got rid of all my pants got new pants wen I am home I have small flannels that I use between my legs in order to keep dry trying not to get that area wet I use femmi wash and wipes. And I could never use perfume base products as they give me thrush. So just don't know wat else to do. But today after school run I am going to have a steam and see if tha helps.

  • Hi MellissaC8

    I was just wondering this morning if you tried to do the steam yesterday. If so how did it go, Im definitely tempted to try it myself as im sure ive got thrush symptoms today. Now the weather is warm the area between the top of my legs & vagina is really irritating me today.


  • Hi Abenaa,

    Yes I did and I must say I feel and smell so fresh. I added some baking soda to the warm and a touch of vinegar and it help me a lot. Let hope it works for you.

  • Okay, that good I'm willing to give it a try tonight as i have some baking soda & vinegar at home, once my son goes to bed tonight.


  • I hope it helps. xxxx

  • If it is that bad of a smell then I doubt it has anything to do with hormones but it could be infection you have there, infections comes in different ways, so I would advise you to go and have yourself properly checked out and let then rule out any infections. Some women have very strong body odor if they are using the coil or any other form of contraceptives, so you need to know whats causing this body odour. If your child can smell it then if you go out in the public other people will do the same. As you said before you can use steaming with baking soda and also change you pads often and use pads instead of tampons.

  • Thanks dear I am 19 weeks preg. I don't have an infection dat was done. Its just changes in my boby da MW said. However my steam as worked wonders. Feeling and smelling fresh.

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