Hurry up wee one!

Feels like it's been such a long week. I'm due on the 5th of June and, as I'm sure everyone else has been looking forward to it. As baby's full term at 37 weeks though, and know a few ppl who have had their baby's early, it feels like been waiting since then, and getting very impatient!

On Tuesday was getting pain in tummy and contractions. I called the hospital just in case and she said was labour, just need to wait n see if progresses n call labour ward if it does. But died down after a couple of hours. Then i think I had a show on wednesday n again in evening tummy pains, more like period pains n regular contractions, then pain died down n contractions too. Then last night had similar pain n tummy was rock hard most of the evening.

Obviously, baby's not ready yet n hopefully my body is getting well prepared. Just quite a rollercoaster thinking it might be it, then dies down so often! Midwife seemed unconcerned, think another pregnancy perk no-one tells you about until the time! So excited for the wee one, especially since seeing him/ her in a scan last week! Can't wait!!! Eeek! Fingers crossed soon :)

Has anyone else had all these wee false starts?!


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9 Replies

  • Sounds like your on ur way! It can go on like it for a week but I think ur def be seeing this one by the 5th! Ohhhhhh try going for long walks well as long as possible and just keep moving! Fingers crossed xx

  • Oooh! I really hope so!!! Been going for long, brisk walks every day to try n get things going. Well seem long and brisk to me, lol! And painting nursery so lots of stretching etc from that n cleaning. Although crashed out on couch most of the rest of the day,lol! Found watching dvds on gym ball's less tiring than everything else, so great. Getting a sweep from midwife on Monday so hopefully that'll be the wee extra to get things progressing so we can meet our bump!! Fingers crossed, I really can't wait!!!

  • sounds like her/him isnt far behind. I guess this means you could be in established labour at any time now. How Exciting! I honestly cant remember how my 1st labour started off i do remember feeling this unexplainable amount of pressure with off & on braxton hicks i think.


    good luck. :-)

  • Thank you! Giving me a wee boost reading ppl think will be soon!!! :) Exciting!!!

  • Make sure you rest as well because I was the same try to keep myself doing lots to get my labour going and it work. I went into labour Thursday night and they keep me in labour ward over night but my labour stop at 3 in the morning. This has surprised the midwifes as this is number 5 they think it because my body was tired. So here I am Sunday morning still no labour and had 2 sweeps but no baby lol. The midwifes are not too sure what to do as baby very happy where he is lol. So make sure you eat and drink lots of water and rest my dear as your body needs this. And my little boy is due today

  • Oh, thank you. I hadn't realised this could happen. Is all such a balance, but will definitely rest :) I hope that you meet your wee one soon. Either way, not long for you now x

  • Hiya!my baby boy is due on the 6th!i haven't had any signs yet apart from occasional stinging pain in my cervix,which goes away withing so inpatient now!good luck it sounds like your little one will be here soon enough!

  • My baba is 6 wks old now and yes like u I was very impatient and every twinge I linked to labour. Unfortunately it is very normal to have regular Braxton hicks approaching your labour which lead to nothing. You'll know the difference once strong labour pains kick in. People don't help your impatience as they text, facebook or call everyday as is anything happening and you gave to keep saying NO nothing yet. I got so bored waiting my little one was 9 days over due. Those 9 days felt like a month. Anyway baba will come, be assured of that. The signs u r having mean baba is coming real soon.

  • Yes, everyone asking doesn't help!!! Pretty bored now, so will be a long time if 9 days over, but I guess you find wee bits to keep you amused. Should be enjoying the rest and excitement, I guess I'm used to being quite busy. Good luck marinapol, seems so many baby's due that week. i think will be a lovely time of year with all this sunshine and summer fun!

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