Hi all need something settled please !!

How long can you bleed for after your second pregnancy and how fertile are you afterwards? My cousin had her baby a month before me and she has had unprotected intercourse with her partner I advised her that she should of used something as she can fall pregnant again she told me this is not true that she can't fall pregnant straight away she is bottle feeding the little one now I am all most positive you can still fall pregnant within the first 3 months after giving birth if you don't use protection or have any contraception am I right with this?

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Yeah they say your the most fertile after a baby that's why they give u the chat about contraception! U usually bleed for 6weeks ohhhh she is playing with fire...I got pregnant when my first was 6 months old! X

Thanks I thought I wasnt making it up well I will just have to hope she isnt pregnant again as she and her partner are having trouble with this baby its het first and hes just been mafe redundant x il support her in everyway I can as I know my uncle wont be pleased nor will the rest of the family

Of course she can still fall pregnant. This will have been explained to her several times, both at the hospital and during at least one home visit. The NHS doesn't send you home with condoms because they have extra money they need to burn through. Unfortunately, if she's going to ignore medical advice, there's not much you can do for her except cross your fingers and hope it doesn't all end in tears...

Thanks. She thought I was making it up. I have just had my second this is her first. I was advised by the midwife both community and hospital I could bleed for between one-six weeks il let her read these so she knows im not making it up

Bless - she can definitely fall pregnant! Helped deliver the little boy of a lady with a similar initial opinion! Can't imagine how tired she must have been with little under 9 months between her babies!

I am 9 months younger than my sister, to the day. You can deffo be fertile, we laugh about it and say my dad was too eager!

Hi all, I agree completely that you can still fall pregnant, but on the topic of this being discussed noone discussed this with me neither in hospital or at home, not until the second visit from the health visitor, some 3 weeks in, but luckily I knew about this risk plus i'd also had a c- section so not in any state for jiggy jigs! X

1st 6 weeks most fertile after any pregnancy ! even a miscarridge .

some believe If u breastfeed your cycle doesn't return till u stop and use that as a contraceptive but anyone that has 'tried' for a baby will know you can bleed and not ovulate and ovulate but not bleed !

if she doesn't want a surprise anytime soon she should definatly get to family planning asap

I got pregnant 9 weeks after my son was born, as everyone has said it is very possible and very likely!! Xx

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