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Is scampi ok to eat?

Ok so ive just been out with some friends to the pub and a orange juice but i really felt like some scampi and chips. I had it and ate it all but then i thought that some fish you cant eat and have a feeling scampi is one of them! Its the first ti e ive had it since being Hi kelly, did you sort out that holiday? but im a bit worried ive done something to harm the baby :(

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Hey, scampi's absolutely fine so nothing to worry about. Most fish n shellfish are grand if cooked thoroughly. I've eaten loads and been fine. Is only huge fish, like tuna and swordfish that you need to be careful with, and even tuna you can eat some of. Does get confusing all this! We should get a wee card for our wallet to remind what can't eat! There's a bit in this link that says what to avoid:


It's the BIIIIG fish that are the problem -because they eat all the smaller fish, and build up the mercury inside them....and then you eat them, and you get the mercury. Little fish are fine. Shell fish and ickle fish are good -as long as it was cooked properly, you're all good :D


Thanks girls for the help! X


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