I really confused, started spotting two weeks ago had it check and baby was fine. This continued on and off, this morning i got up it was a bit heavier and was very dark like black i just don't know what to do now i say my doctor on Thursday and he said all was well, but do you thing i should go to A&E after all i have fibroid and this could be why i am bleed. What do you guys think.

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  • I think you should give your nearest Hospital Maternity Unit a call as you are over18wks pregnant.

    Its possible for pregnant woman to have continous bleeds throughout pregnancy & baby is fine but its also good to get it checked as its better to be safe than sorry.


  • I would call your local maternity hospital, i was given a number for the ward in the front of my notes. Otherwise, reception will know who to put you through to. I've called mine a few times when worried and they'll let you know whether you need to come in and are very prompt- I called last week with reduced movements and was asked to come in immediately. Hope everything's ok, I had bleeds before, n was fine. I guess better to be safe. Hope it goes well x

  • I do understand you but the sitting at A&E does not make it any better, but I will.

  • You should be able to bypass A&E department as you are classed as an established expectant mother the Maternity unit should be able to allow you to come straight in.


  • I had spotting on & off with my 1st but it was pink in colour everytime. I have never had it dark. Instead of going through a&e can you not ring the ward and ask there advice they might just ask you to go straight there. When I went in through a&e 3 weeks ago the ward I was transfered to gave me there direct number for next time (which I am hoping I will never have to ring).

  • Just spoke to maturnity ward they ask me to go to A&E so trying to make my way there.

  • Hey guys just an update went to the hospital today and baby is moving and there's a heart beat so i think i am ok for now.

  • OH GOOD!

    That must of felt like such a relief for you. Things we go through during pregnancy at times i believe they're tests (but make us stronger)


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